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Jun 21, 2007 04:49 PM

Looking for a place that takes reservations for brunch

Preferably on the UWS or convenient to the UWS (Lincoln Center area, Chelsea, etc). This would be for Sunday at noon--9 people total (including 2 kids). I have called at least a dozen places and NONE take reservations for brunch. Any recommendations? Nothing too expensive--want typical food like eggs/french toast/etc. Thanks!

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  1. Ocean Grill takes reservations, I love it for brunch.

    1. I just looked on OpenTable and both Paradou and Devin Tavern have openings. They're both downtown but on the West Side and convenient to those subway trains.

      You might also look into places in Columbus Circle like Landmarc which are supposed to be huge.

      Other places that take reservations for brunch: The Neptune Room, Ouest. This close to the weekend though, and for 9, you might have lots of you've reported.

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      1. re: kathryn is the answer. Do a search, sort by location, and click through to check out the menus.

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          Yeah, but some restaurants don't put ALL their availability on Open Table. And some prefer to do large groups over the phone.

          1. re: kathryn

            Excellent -- and very valid -- points. A search for 9 people on Sunday does turn up numerous hits, however, so it's worth a shot. Also, if you look at the list or restaurants that do not have availability, opetable will tell you if it's because the place is booked (which does not, of course, rule out the possibility that they are holding back tables) or if it's because the number of guests exceeds what they'll do on line.

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            Here is a link to opentables that just has brunch's (specifically for Sunday, but you can go anytime). I've heard that the best place is Norma's at Le Parker Meridian (midtown) and MY favorite is Essex (LES).

          1. Cookshop takes reservations but don't know about 9 for this Sunday since it's kind of last minute. I think Telepan takes reservations. Sarabeth's used to take them for large parties - don't know if they still do...

            1. Compass, on 70th St., b/t Amsterdam & West Ends Av., serves Sunday brunch. It's a $26 prix-fixe. They can certainly accommodate a group of 9 people, and they take reservations.


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                Compass--a terrific, extraordinary multi-course brunch in a lovely modern environment. Also, Telepan and Ouest both take does Calle Oche (live music on Sundays)...Nice Matin, too, takes reservations for brunch.

                1. re: Will4Food

                  Someone told me that Nice Matin does not take reservations for brunch. I think Compass it is! Looks great and they have space. Thanks all!