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best raw carne asada?

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so... i wanna grill up some pre-marinated stuff... which carnerceria should i go to? preferably eastside...

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  1. Don't know which part of the Eastside you're in, but if you're near the faux-Eastside (Silver Lake), I like the Busy B market on Virgil near Santa Monica.

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      Chowpatty, not to hijack the thread, but do you know of anyplace good around the Ontario/Upland area? Do you recommend Stater Brothers at all?

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        Sorry, no clue about that area, but Mexican markets are usually better for carne asada.

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          A big no on Stater Bros. The only 'big chain' I recommend is Food for Less... my parents get theirs there when in a pinch (They live in DB)


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            IMO the meat at Stater Brothers is the best, and always has been, among the larger chain stores. Also, a nice selection of cuts that other stores do not have.

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              Meat yes... but for pre marinated Carne Asada... nope...


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              Go to the below-mentioned Linda Rosa in Pasadena. At Villa & Allen.

            2. In Pasadena try Linda Rosa Market. It's on the corner of Allen and Villa behind a liquor store. Great carne asada and really great marinated boneless chicken.

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                ended up trying this place, the linda rosa market. asada was great, as was the chicken. 9/10, highly recommended.

              2. I actually like the pre-marinated carne asada from Trader Joe's.

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                  So do I! It's actually really good, but I think a bit more expensive than you'll find at a small Mexican market.

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                    I wish I was near a Mexican market, or at least a Trader Joe's! Can't wait to get back to LA.

                2. Little further east in San Gabriel/Rosemead area is Los Toros Meats on the corner of San Gabriel & Valley Blvd. Excellent marinated carne asada and chicken for your BBQ or grilled in a pan.

                  1. I like the Kings Ranch asada in Monrovia on foothill.

                    1. I was so surprised to see this as I have pre-marinated carne asada on the grill right now that I got from Bristol Farms. It will match any carnerceria any day. It is pricey and worth it; we have it twice a month.

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                        I have the carne asada from BF as well... how long do you grill it for and under what kind of heat? I do hope you get this before dinner tonight... I think I might just post something as well.

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                          Very hot on the grill and char it on both sides. The result should be chared on the outside and moist inside --but no red. Also, see my postg below.

                        1. Not sure if this is east enough for ya, but we had some great pork adobado that we grilled from what I think might be called "California Market" on Beverly (north side) between Vermont and Normandie. It's a pretty big Hispanic supermarket with a good selection of marinated meats, and I'm sure the carne asada is just as good. Great homemade chips there too (a bit oily but very fresh).

                          Does someone know the real name/address of this place?

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                          1. Bristol Farms. Seriously. It's the beef quality.

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                                flap meat, nice and thick. I actually dont get my asada there anymore because its too pricey and i dont live near a bristol farms anymore but, its worth a try.

                            1. Vegas Meats in Hacienda Heights/Industry. On Gale and Hacienda

                              1. La Tapatia on Eastern in El Sereno (near Huntington Dr.)

                                Alhambra Market in Alhambra on Main St.

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                                  Have you tried Value Plus!!! I think it's on Vanowen and Winnetka


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                                    Alhambra Market has great asada, very reliable

                                  2. I was turned on to this place in the Lower Westside.

                                    Sánchez Carnicería. 4525 Inglewood Blvd., Culver City. 310-391-3640

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                                      Sanchez rocks.. they do this whole individual prep for your order in a aluminum tin.. Unique to me. they just spice it up just for you..Great place just love it..

                                    2. On the east side.... go to Lincoln Heights (intersection of 5, 10 & 110).... on Broadway Ave (same one that goes through Chinatown & Downtown) you will not go wrong at either Bi Rite, Rancho Meat Market or La Chapalita.

                                      1. we've tried many of these eastside suggestions and think that the ARGENTINA MARKET in pasadena on villa has the best. 1272 East Villa St.

                                        1. My husband and I like the marinated chicken from Albertson's either the Pasadena or Monrovia store. It's $1.99 per pound and doesn't have the fat on it like the one from Linda Rosa. You should call ahead. Sometimes they run out.

                                          1. On Huntington Dr., just south of South Pasadena in the small city of El Sereno is the El Sereno Meat Market....the best marinated carne asada and chicken....always the best for a BBQ.

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                                              That is good stuff... not sure that it is much better than Bi Rite or El Rancho.

                                            2. There is a great carniceria in Lincoln Heights that I go to for ranchera preparada. They take the carne asada, run it through a mechanical tenderizer, cut fresh oranges, onions, cilantro, and pickled peppers, and wrap up. I have been there many many times, but I don't recall what it is called. It is really easy to find though. It is on Broadway, 2 blocks north of Daly on the east side of the street, set off the street behind a very small 20 car lot. Enjoy!

                                              1. You'll fare far better if you get the USDA Choice skirt steak/flap meat from Costco. I haven't found any premarinated carne asada on the east or westside that even comes close in terms of meat quality. Marinade is simple: Seasoned Salt, orange juice, onion slivers and cilantro. Best when marinated overnight.