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Jun 21, 2007 04:24 PM

Help! Need to finalize my B-Day dinner plans

Help - looking for some input on my b-day dinner (#30) which is coming up quick! I have a list, but seem unable to push the button and seal the deal!

While I had originally planned on Saddle Peak Lodge - it just seems too far considering that my party and I will be staying at The Chateau Marmot for the weekend. Also, I'm thinking it will probably be a bit to reserved for my group. While I'm definitely not looking to go to the latest "celebrity hotspot" I need somewhere that I can go with a group of ten 30 something’s, all big on good food and atmosphere, all drinking, and I'm sure being a bit loud (but by no means obnoxious!)

My current list of choices includes, but is so hard to decide on given mixed reviews:

-MADEO (been there and love it, but seems a bit too reserved for this event?)

Chances are I will be taking a car service to any of these restaurants from the hotel, but I'm also thinking I should just play it safe/easy and go to BOA or the hotel restaurant. It's just that neither of those appeal to me as much as the spots above.

Any info would be most appreciated, thanks!!!

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  1. Of your list, I have only been to Jar, AOC, and Grace. In my opinion, Grace has the best food of the 3, but it's also the most reserved, so may not be a good fit for your group. For the more boisterous experience you are looking for, I would recommend AOC. It's a lot of fun, and the food is very good. Happy 30th!

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    1. re: Nicole

      I totally agree. I did my 35th recently at AOC with a similar group -- ten or so people in the mood for a party -- and it was great.

    2. The places you mention all seem a bit more reserved than what I would think of for a 30th birthday party. The place that comes to mind is Asia de Cuba ... it's close to the Chateau Marmont, has great food and drinks, being loud is okay, and Skybar is connected. I've had a number of celebration dinners there and love it.

      1. Grace, Providence and AOC for more refined.

        For more fun, concur Asia, Citizen Smith or Social.

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          Citizen Smith--had a very bad experience--mediocre food, incredibly slow service. this was about a year ago. Although, the bar looked fun and the music is boisterous. Social--only been there for drinks but there are 2 levels, lots of space, we had a good time. Asia de Cuba have heard very good things about but it's pricey. I think AOC is your best bet. you'll probably need to make rsvns for a large party?

        2. Awesome- thanks everyone for your help. Hmmm...Asia De Cuba. That's a good idea, and would allow me to ditch having to get a car for the night....

          1. Why not eat at either the Chateau Marmont, or Bar Marmont? There's a room in the bar at Bar Marmont, off the patio, that can seat 10 and is ideal.

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            1. re: yogachik

              great suggestion...that room @ bar marmont is perfect for a birthday celebration - i've been to one there.

              but if you'd rather be somewhere less secluded/removed, asia de cuba is also a really good idea. it's a lively, social place, and since the portions are enormous & intended for 'family-syle' dining, you can order a bunch of menu items for the table to share. actually i was there for dinner with a group of 15, and it worked out perfectly.

              whatever you choose, have fun, and happy birthday!