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Is this place any good? I love the commercials with the dancing hot dog and the Nutter Butter shake has me wanting to try this place when I get one of my junk food cravings.

If I go, what should I get? What should I avoid?

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  1. Avoid everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really its not that good.

    1. ick... just the thought gives me heartburn... but that's coming from somebody who has never visited and never plans to.

      1. It's not that good, but if you really have to go...

        1) Chili dog
        2) Chili fries
        3) Coke float

        1. It was worth it when the chili dogs were 18 cents (I am dating myself, I know..). The chili dogs are ok but not worth a special trip; the fries taste artificial and stale most of the time. WHills is probably right about the Coke float - it's kind of hard to mess up ice cream.

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            I've seen many mess it up by adding the ice cream first and then trying to pour root beer or coke on top. It becomes a volcanic explosion with almost no soda in the float.

            1. re: WHills

              Well I said it is "kind of hard" to mess up ice cream but I guess where there's a will, there's a way, haha..

          2. It's good. Get the chili cheese anything. Dog, burger or fries. Good mini corn dogs too. A fun indulgence.

            1. OMG I had no idea those places even existed any more... amazing.

              1. When I use to work in a now defunct strip mall clothing store, the closest place to eat was Der W.. Lunch time would go something like this:
                Same place?
                Same place
                Same thing?
                Same thing
                I think there was a commercial out at the time with those lines. Anyways, I use to eat the chili dogs and corn dogs. Still do the corn dogs at times, but I prefer the all beef hot dogs, they are bigger and meatier.

                1. Is this the same place as "Der Weinershnitzel," putative inventor of the drive-up window? Did they drop the "Der" because they got tired of nit-pickers pointing out that they had the wrong gender? If they have re-invented themselves, I hope they's re-invented their cuisine, because they were strictly a last resort kind of place in the 60's.

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                  1. re: Gary Soup

                    Yeah, i found it amusing that people were upset about the gender, but the fact that Weinershnitzel is a veal cutlet not a hot dog didnt seem to matter.

                    1. re: Gary Soup

                      My aunt still says "Der Wienerschnitzel". And she calls KFC "the kentucky colonel". :)

                      1. re: Oh Robin

                        Hey I say "Der Wienerschnitzel" too! And for the longest time when I was little I used to wonder why there was some veal cutlet that was misnamed like a hotdog. I still call it Colonel Sanders chicken, too, although I bet the Colonel is rolling over in his grave after the way his chicken got ruined after he sold out.

                    2. Try their all beef kraut dog. It's not too bad.

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                      1. re: Kaisgraham

                        Not often, but I sometimes go to get the all beef Chicago hot dog. Reasonable enough facsimile (for me) of the real deal because I don't live close to a great hot dog place in Los Angeles. I used to go to a place in El Segundo (California) called Aloha Island Hot Dog and they made an excellent version. The bonus was the owner's were Korean and the wife would offer you samples of her homemade mung bean salad, kim chee, etc. Unfortunately after they sold the place, the new owner began to cheapen the ingredients and the regulars left in droves. The place went belly up fast.

                        1. re: Feed_me

                          their new menu includes chili cheese fries burrito... enough said.

                          actually... nothing says weinershnitzel like tortillas