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Jun 21, 2007 03:22 PM

Portabello's in Arlington

I have been seeing ads for Portabello's celebrating their 5th anniversary. I thought the original owners (and chef) had sold the restaurant and it had been closed for a while. I may be wrong about this, but if I'm not, how can they claim they're celebrating their 5th anniversary? I think it could be a bit misleading.

Has anyone been to Portabello's recently? How was it?

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  1. I have been there about 4 times in the last year or so. I think their food is decent but not stellar. They have a mushroom appetizer and sometimes it is great and other times so-so. I had a scallop entree that was very good. It helps to have a coupon.

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      Thanks for the report. Sounds like a place I don't need to rush to--and when I go, I'll definitely take one of those coupons with me. Thanks for the tip.

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        I've been there a few times. Food is generally pretty good if you're in the neighborhood but nothing special.

      2. I've been twice in the past 3 months, and have found it to be disappointing both times. Main issue is the food. For entrees I've had a pork chop with either a mango or apple chutney, but the flavors just didn't work; other time I had the grilled ribeye where the cut of meat was not that great, too much separation for my taste. My fiancée had a really bland butternut squash soup (I think) and the citrus salmon, where again the flavors did not seem to work. Her parents dishes were similarly so-so, and they were not impressed either. On the upside, the lump crabmeat and portabello appetizer was tasty, but at $11, seemed pricey. Also, the wine selection was decent, most glasses $8 or less. Smallish selection of good bottled beers too (e.g., Abita, Allagash).

        A big downer for us was that we were seated by the door on a cold night, and when we asked to move to an open table, were told it was reserved...but that party did not show up for over an hour...when we were paying our check. Not the way to build a pleasant dining experience.

        All in all we don't plan to return given other options in the area. However, I am holding our hope for them because the owner seems pretty cool and Arlington is in need of good, independently owned, moderately priced restaurants with solid food.