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Jun 21, 2007 03:02 PM

Birmingham - duck breasts?

Where would I go about buying these?

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  1. Hmm. Perhaps Tria market, V. Richards, or Whole Foods (I've not seen duck breasts there personally, I'm just guessing). If no luck, then call Sysco cash and carry and see if they have any there.

    Whatcha makin'?

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    1. re: mychef

      I'm thinking about grilling up some kabobs Saturday, possibly with some cubed duck breast, fresh shrimp from the Super Oriental Market (they looked good the last time I was there), some cherry peppers (if I can find them), yellow onions, various other mild peppers, cherry tomatoes, maybe some good sausage. Figure over a rice, maybe just something simple like safron rice. Love to do a light risotto but it's a bit much in the heat. Maybe serve with a cold dish too. Possibly accompanied by sangria (maybe a white wine sangria) and definitely cold beers. Not sure the whole menu yet.

      I just called a few places based on these two responses. TRIA has duck breast at $10.99/lb while V. Richard's has them for $14.99/lb. Fresh Market has t2 for $12.99/lb.Whole Foods only has frozen. Thanks for the help Hounds, it looks like I might finally check out TRIA. Anything not to miss there?

      Where is Sysco? This is just the distributor with a cash and carry policy for less than a case purchases?

      1. re: Dax

        Sysco has a cash and carry store on 1st Ave. South, alongside the greenspace south of the rr tracks. If they have them, they will most likely be frozen, but it's worth a call or visit just to see what they have there.

        Dinner sounds good. What time should I be there? *grin*

        1. re: mychef

          I just looked at your profile; I actually was going to grill a whole salmon, but chnaged my mind for something a little less filling - grilled salmon always puts me a in food coma because I eat so much. The again, the beers during cooking probably hasten that process.

    2. In additional to mychef's suggestions, try Fresh Market on Hiway 280 or Mr. P's butcher shop & deli on Shades Crest Road. Mr. P's has great steaks, but I can't recall if they have poultry or not.

      1. I happened to be in V. Richard's this morning, didn't see duck breasts but when I asked the meat guy, he said they do have them, 6-oz. breasts that come in a 4-pack. Since you're in Forest Park (if I remember correctly), this would be your closest option anyway. HTH