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Jun 21, 2007 02:11 PM

Need a rec for South Lake Tahoe

Its my 10 year anniversary with my wife and we will be in S. Lake Tahoe. I was looking for a place with great food and a little bit of romantic atmosphere. Please help

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  1. there is a great Jappaneese rest. in the Heavenly Village, which is South Lake Tahoe. I can't remember the name, but is right next to Wolf Gang Pucks, in the villiage there. Great food. Amazing sushi, and wonderful atmosphere.

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    1. re: breanna

      evans is always wonderful, i'm surprised no one has suggested it yet. and i really like chart house at tahoe- i know it's a chain but has a wonderful view. we also really liked 19 at the top of harveys

      1. re: toncasmo

        There is a photo on the front page of today's Sacramento Bee of Evan's owner, Jimmy Swan, hosing down the roof of his restaurant. Hope all goes well for those affected by this horrific fire.

    2. Cafe Fioli on ski run blvd... absolutely beautiful and romantic

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      1. re: Mel

        Mel, could you double check on the spelling for Cafe Fioli? Nothing thru Google; even after adding another "l" (Filoli)... maybe give the address? Thanks

        1. re: RWCFoodie

          sorry about that... here is their website...
          you need to make reservations since there are only about 10 tables... here is my previous review

      2. Lake Tahoe is burning down as we before you go

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        1. re: eberhard49

          Lake Tahoe is NOT burninig down - its a 2500 acre fire on the South Shore that is over 40% contained and is expected to be fully contained by Sunday. It does not affect any of the hotel or restaurant areas. The highway is re-opened and the businesses need everyone to keep coming!

          1. re: nancyhudson

            Wild fires are not really that predictable. The fire has jumped a fire line and when it will be "fully contained" is anyone's guess. Traffic coming in from 50 is going to be a mess. It's very smoky. Sure businesses need everyone to keep going. But is it the place to celebrate a 10 yr anniversary?

            1. re: PeterL

              The poster said "Lake Tahoe was burning down". Lake Tahoe is not burning down - it is a huge lake with many attractions outside of the South shore. I would hate to see people unfamiliar with the area not visit because of the generalization of it being the entire Lake, when it's the South Shore being effected. Granted, the OP was looking for South Shore recs and you're right, he definitely wouldn't want to be there right now (altho his post does not state when his trip is planned) but others reading this board to see "Lake Tahoe is burning down" is simply not true.

        2. Lake Tahoe is fine, just a bit smokey. I would second Evans. Nice atmosphere and I believe the best food on South Shore. 19, in Harvey's has an incredible view and it's worth going just to have a drink in the bar on top. Haven't dined there in a while but it was overpriced and medicocre. Maybe the food has improved.

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          1. re: RevrendAndy

            There is a picture of Evans on the cover of today's Sacramento paper showing the owner of Evans watering down the roof. So at least as of yesterday, the restaurant is still there.

            1. re: dimsumgirl

              Still there but are they serving customers? I would suggest that when the owner is up there watering the roof they are not going to be at their best serving customers.

            2. re: RevrendAndy

              250 homes burned is fine? Just a bit smokey? I would definitely avoid South Lake Tahoe this weekend. I know businesses need customers, but the fire department don't need people messing up the traffic. South Lake Tahoe is not the place to be this weekend.

              1. re: PeterL

                Unless you want some good BBQ! Sorry....

            3. I just got back from Tahoe and the only real indication that there had been a fire were the signs around town thanking the firefighters. It was my first time to visit and the scenery was beautiful. I wanted to second the recommendation of Mel to Cafe Fiore. I read about it here, so I made a reservation before we went up. The garlic bread was wonderful! Then we started with the appetizer special of fried green tomatoes topped with lump crabmeat. Delicious! Everyone in my party of 3 had the house salad. I ordered the Pollo Sonoma which was very moist and tender and all entrees came with the same 3 sides:pureed carrots, penne with pesto and red potato. My friends ordered the specials- venison medallions with a port wine/cherry reduction and a breaded swordfish steak topped with a wine/butter/capers sauce. We shared the white chocolate ice cream with berries for dessert. The ice cream is hand made there daily and it was heavenly! They have an extensive wine list, but we didn't drink. It is a very cute/cozy place and everyone was very friendly and helpful on the staff.

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