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Jun 21, 2007 01:22 PM

Cape Cod Room, yea or nay?

I've heard a lot about the Cape Cod Room, most of it positive, but its prices are terrifying. My daughter is starting college this fall, and I want to take her out for a special dinner, she loves seafood, and I have the NPR Member Card that offers 2-for-1 entrees at the restaurant, which makes it marginally affordable. What I want to know is if the food is special enough, or is it just overpriced lobsters?

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  1. Your college aged daughter will be the youngest diner in the room by about 50 or 60 years. This restaurant is a relic and hasn't been a player on the scene since the mid-1970's. There are many lower priced, hipper places in town to celebrate her graduation.

    1. Depending on your interest in traveling to Evanston, I recommend Oceanique on Main Street as a marvelous fish and seafood restaurant. It describes itself as a French-American sea food restaurant.

      1. The Cape Cod Room may still attract tourists, but it's long past its prime. I don't know of any locals -- under the age of 70 -- that frequent it.

        1. "is the food special"? The food is utter dreck. We made the hideous mistake of going there for dinner on a special occasion four or five years ago. The other posters are correct--the place is a nursing home, and the waitstaff are patients. On the bright side, the place was so ghastly that it was genuinely funny--so far outside any of our individual tastes as to be preposterous. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving, only in the sense that at that time we were so disfunctional that we needed the comic relief provided by this Stephen King scene. NO NO NO.

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            Thanks much everyone. (Mentally scratches Cape Cod Room off list.)

          2. I agree on Oceanique, one of the top if not the top places for seafood in the Chicago area. I can also recommend Quince in Evanston somewhat limited menu, but everything is good with thoughtful inventive plating, also a good wine selection with many to choose from in the 30-40 dollar bottle range.