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The Bank Heist in NOHO?

I drove by the NoHo Commons and the El Portal Theatre yesterday and saw signs on this great brick building for something called "The Bank Heist". There is a big sign above the door that just says "BANK". I called and got a recording about them hiring waiters, bartenders, etc...

Anyone know what this restaurant is all about? I can only imagine that while you're waiting in line to order your food a team of "robbers" come in and take all your money and leave you with no food. Seems like a quick way to make money, but the word would probably get out and you'd lose that repeat business.

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  1. Their food must be so affordable, it's a steal.

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    1. I heard that it was going to be a bar and grill serving "pub grub" ( learned that term in Austin) I'm curious myself. It's a cool building.

      1. The owner is trying to jump on the Supper Club/Lounge bandwagon. The Bank will be a full service restaurant serving contemporary american. The Heist will be a Lounge w/ full bar serving tapas. After 10, it will convert to a club for dancing.

        I'm a bit ashamed that this genre of "entertainment" has escaped Hollywood and has come into the 818.

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          any specific menu items? when is it supposed to open?

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            It was suppose to open in march but you know how that goes.

            I'm not knowledgeable of any specific menu items.

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              I heard there was a fire in December or January, and that must be why it hasn't opened yet.

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                It <i>did</i> open in late 2007, and then in January they had a fire and they've been closed since. (Read more downthread.)

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              It's advertised as comfort food I believe, but have never had.

          2. The way the space is set up, the main floor is the restaraunt with a full bar in back. Upstairs is a nice club/lounge space with a decent size stage and a couple of nice private "VIP" type rooms.

            In keeping with the current obsession with one word names for restaurants and clubs, the downstairs is called "Bank" and the upstairs is called "Heist."

            I went there the other night for the first time. The staff was very nice and helpful. The food was good but it is basically tarted up bar food.

            1. I work just up the street from The Bank Heist and have eaten there three times. The food is not exceptional and in fact I strongly suggest you stay away from the "fish and chips" which are one step removed from fish sticks only soggy. The burgers are OK, the other sandwiches are only fair. In fact I'm sad the food isn't better since there are few good "high-end" places to eat within walking distance--and I'm really tired of Eclectic Cafe.

              1. Apparently there was a fire on the roof of this place this morning.

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                  More than just a roof fire ... when i got off the Red Line at 8 am there were stll flames and must have been two dozen fire trucks, and Lankershim was closed. Details here:


                  A grim irony: The Bank Heist is across the street from the site of Cugee's Coffee Shop where I used to have lunch almost every day when I worked in the neighborhood in the late 1970s. Cugee's burned down in an arson fire in 1981, killing a fire fighter, and the owner is serving a life sentence for arson:


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                    This is interesting- I just moved to NoHo from Simi about two weeks ago, and noticed the Bank building and was wondering what the heck it was and if it was coming or going ... so I googled it and found this thread!

                    It sounds like it would have been kind of fun, does anyone know if they plan to rebuild?

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                      In the last week or so they've put up scaffolding which would seem to hint at rebuilding plans. I'm sure the insurance people will have the final say.

                      Gastronomically the place wasn't anything to get excited about unless you're into $12 patty melts. It had nice decor, appropriate to the building, and a pretty cool nightclub space in back if you're into that kind of thing.

                      Upscale businesses in the immediate neighborhood have been flatlining. The huge How's market never seems to have more than four customers (no one can find the entrance which is off the side street), and CPK backed out of their plans to move in on the corner of Chandler.

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                        I assumed the name of the restaurant was in reference to the
                        B of A robbery years ago on Laurel at Victory. If so, it is in poor taste. Many many people were shot over there.

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                          I heard that rumor before the place opened, and it never made any sense to me. Granted it's a strange name for a restaurant, but it's obviously a reference to the location in an old bank building. And anyway, the B of A shootout was 2 1/2 miles away.

                          The Bank Heist website says "it is our intention to recover, rebuild and reopen as soon as possible":


                          And by the way, next week is the tenth anniversary of the shootout:


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                            This was the 1st thing I thought of as well.

                  2. That building was empty for so long, it's a shame the business had such a short run. I see a need for something a step up from Denneys in the area more than another lounge. Subway/busway passengers deserve better.