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Jun 21, 2007 01:22 PM

The Bank Heist in NOHO?

I drove by the NoHo Commons and the El Portal Theatre yesterday and saw signs on this great brick building for something called "The Bank Heist". There is a big sign above the door that just says "BANK". I called and got a recording about them hiring waiters, bartenders, etc...

Anyone know what this restaurant is all about? I can only imagine that while you're waiting in line to order your food a team of "robbers" come in and take all your money and leave you with no food. Seems like a quick way to make money, but the word would probably get out and you'd lose that repeat business.

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  1. Their food must be so affordable, it's a steal.

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    1. I heard that it was going to be a bar and grill serving "pub grub" ( learned that term in Austin) I'm curious myself. It's a cool building.

      1. The owner is trying to jump on the Supper Club/Lounge bandwagon. The Bank will be a full service restaurant serving contemporary american. The Heist will be a Lounge w/ full bar serving tapas. After 10, it will convert to a club for dancing.

        I'm a bit ashamed that this genre of "entertainment" has escaped Hollywood and has come into the 818.

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          any specific menu items? when is it supposed to open?

          1. re: McChow

            It was suppose to open in march but you know how that goes.

            I'm not knowledgeable of any specific menu items.

            1. re: Veggietales

              I heard there was a fire in December or January, and that must be why it hasn't opened yet.

              1. re: Golem

                It <i>did</i> open in late 2007, and then in January they had a fire and they've been closed since. (Read more downthread.)

            2. re: McChow

              It's advertised as comfort food I believe, but have never had.

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