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Jun 21, 2007 01:00 PM

Mermaid Inn Alternative?

I tried making reservations for 12 people at Mermaid Inn but they couldn't accommodate us at one table. Or even 2 tables near each other. Eeek! Where should I try now?? I really want seafood (I am a pescaterean - only eat veggies & fish) and a place that is not too stuffy/expensive with a full bar.

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  1. Well Blue Water or Aquagrill may be a tiny bit more expensive, but they're both very seafood heavy (obviously) and actually have pretty good food. They're big enough that a table for 12 shouldn't be a major problem for them.

    I'd be surprised if any of the Blue Ribbon's w/could handle a group of 12.

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      what about markt on 6th avenue. not exclusively seafood but have a ton of mussel dishes and probably 10 or so other seafood options on the menu. and definitely not stuffy. not sure about the full bar part but i know they have a very extensive beer list (it's a belgian restaurant)

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        Maybe not Blue Ribbon Brasserie but Blue Ribbon Bakery should be able to do it since they have multiple levels.

      2. Docks on 40th can handle your group. definitely not stuffy and they have a full bar. food is pretty good but i'm not sure it meets your price point. here's a link:

        1. what about lure fish bar?

          1. pearl's or ed's lobster bar would be able to accomodate you.

            1. try ditch plains on bedford street

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                As much as I love Ditch Plains, I'm not sure if they can accomodate your big group, so maybe I would recommend Lure because they definetly have the big tables there...although you might be paying a little more....