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EV/PHX: need.scallops.

I've been craving scallops like mad and don't know where to go! I'll take them any style they come in, but they have to be well-prepared and fresh! Thanks!

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  1. i think the best scallops in town are at taggia - they have a chef from italy, claudio, and he's big into locally sourced, etc.

    taggia is at fire sky resort on scottsdale road just north of cameback

    1. The most flawless scallops I've ever had here were at Circa 1900. The spot in Heritage Square, across from Pizzeria Bianco.

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        i actually heard from eytan - the owner of phoenix knife house, who worked at some really interesting places around the country (aureole, craft, la cote basque, fiamma ny/az, kai), that he believes that circa 1900 is the best restaurant in town. guess he does some work for them as well. i definitely want to try it!

      2. best scallops i've ever had were at binkley's.

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          The Nantucket bay scallops I've had at Binkley's were amazing. Of course it helps that Nantucket bay scallops are great to begin with.


        2. i love seafood and shellfish and the few times i've been to circa 1900 i have never been let down with any of the chefs seafood!

          1. We had some great scallops at Kai as part of a tasting menu last weekend. They were one of the highlights, matched with an Alsace Gewutztaminer.

            1. If I was a little deeper in the EV, I hit Lee Lee up for scallops and cook them, myself. Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket, 2025 N Dobson Rd, Chandler AZ.

              I believe that is the source of scallops for Shanghai Palace, and I liked them, there. http://tottierolls.com

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                i went to shanghai palace today for lunch but didn't get the scallops. the pork chop noodle soup, shao long dumplings, and fried banana i had were yummy. i'll definitely have to go there again for scallops!

              2. Been a long time, but I've had delicious fresh pink scallops at C-Fu Gourmet, Dobson and Warner. And while they are seldom if ever mentioned here, Steamers at Biltmore Fashion Park has served me wonderful New England sea scallops, simply broiled. Again, it's been awhile.

                1. The Salt Cellar in south Scottsdale.

                  Also, a little farther north, Mastro's Ocean Club at Kierland Commons.

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                    Eddie V's in No. Scottsdale has :Georges Bank Scallops in Tempura with
                    Wok-Seared Asparagus & Shiitakes, Honey-Black Bean Glaze
                    I think it's even on their half price Happy Hour menu!!!!

                    They have Scallops on the dinner menu as well:
                    Broiled Jumbo Georges Bank Sea Scallops
                    Wrapped in Bacon, Tomato-Basil Butter Sauce

                  2. wonderful, thanks for all the suggestions! i'm going out for some scallops!

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                      Eddie V's has a sister restaurant called Wildfish, near Fashion Square. They may have the same deal, and save you a few miles.

                    2. The best scallops I've had recently are the seared scallops with orzo pasta at the Yardhouse. There's two locations that I know of, one at Desert Ridge and one at Fashion Square. Yes it's a chain, but the scallops were seared to perfection and the entire dish went together amazingly.

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                      1. The seared scallop and pesto appetizer at Va Bene is excellent.