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Jun 21, 2007 12:28 PM

Help! Where can I find good Kuih in NY?

I know of a small store in Flatbush where they sell it, but it's too far from Manhattan for me to go on a regular basis. It's also sold (only one or two varieties) in the thai grocery in Mosco St. in Chinatown, but is not that great. Does anyone now where can I find a wide variety of good quality Kuih in the city???

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  1. Only place I know that sells malaysian kuih is Sanur on Doyers St, near Pell.

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    1. re: xigua

      Unfortuanately, Sanur is it. Their Keuh is nice, but limited in range to one or two peices. No Keuh Dadar, or anything particularly exotic. It's a sad situation, but true...

    2. For anyone, like me, who was wondering what Kuih is, here's some info I found:

      Is the kuih at Sanur (or elsewhere in Manhattan) very sweet?

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      1. re: rose water

        kuih's just a variety of sweet cakes made by the Malay and Nonya communities in Malaysia and Singapore. I can't really remember what kuih's available at Sanur, but most of it is made with a permutation of glutinous rice, palm sugar and coconut milk and tend to be sweeter than regular american baked goods, but not as intense as indian mithai. Among the most common kuihs found in SE Asia is the kueh lapis (layered cake) made up of colorful layers of chewy steamed dough made with glutinous rice. Each layer is supposed to taste different in the old days but nowadays the colors are more coloring than indicative of the base ingredient that goes in. Still its not bad. The curry puffs especially when hot at Sanur is pretty good too.