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Jun 21, 2007 12:20 PM

The old Toyko restaurant in Eatontown on Rte 35.

what happened to the old toyko on 35? it was a really good place, but the new place ( i think it is called Little Tokyo) stinks.... what's the deal and is there anywhere nearby that has good sushi?

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  1. The sushi at Osaka at the Station on Main St in Bradley Beach (near the train station) is pretty good.

    1. I really like the sushi and sashimi at Kyoto Sushi in Atlantic Highlands - on Rt 36 next to CVS. Their cooked food is nothing special, but the sushi counter serves great quality fish and nicely prepared.

      Kyoto Sushi & Hibachi -- 2389 State Route 36, Atlantic Hghlnds - (732) 708-1088

      1. Sawa in Eatontown.

        Yumi in Sea Bright.

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          Izu in Long Branch in the 7-11 strip mall (Montgomery Steet) has fabulous sushi! They are a small little [place only about 12 tables but everything is FRESH. Andrea Clurfield gaveit a great review back in Feb. We've been going for about 1 year. Def. my fav place, I would say better than Sawa.

        2. I believe it is called Sashimi 2 now. I had lunch last week and it was good. I ordeded the sashimi lunch (no crustaceans) and a salmon/yellow tail roll. My daughter had the shrimp tempura and we both had miso soup. I liked it alot. The staff and sushi preparers are very friendly and ask how lunch was, and tell you they hope to see you soon.

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            No its still Izu Sushi.. 31 Montgomery Avenue. I was there last week. They give out green"frequent flyer" business cards. I'm not familiar with where Sashimi 2 is but Izu is in the west end section of Long Branch by the Windmill. Are we talking about the same place?

            1. re: stack_c

              No, my place is by the Wendy's and Mc Donald's on Hwy 35 South in Eatontown.

              1. re: Barbarella

                The place by wendy's/mickey d's is the old Toyko - right????

          2. It's not horrible, but I now prefer Ichiban on Rt. 35 in Ocean. Sawa in Eatontown is also very good.

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            1. re: DJMarilyn

              Like DJMarilyn I used to frequent Ichiban. If I recall correctly the sushi was pretty good. Of late however we have been going to Takara, also on 35 in Ocean, for our weekly sushi fix. Not great but acceptable.

              1. re: DJMarilyn

                Ichiban is also my spot in this area. I also like Fune for the korean sides. :D

                1. re: joonjoon

                  Where is Fune located? My fiance is Korean so I'd like to take him there. :)

                  1. re: DJMarilyn

                    Hey Marilyn,

                    Fune is on West Park Ave. in Ocean. Here's the Google map:

                    If you like Sushi and are in red bank you should also check out Sono in Middletown. As far as quality of fish goes it doesn't seem to get much better than that in central NJ.

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      I'm eager to try Fune.

                      I think Sono is Middletown is good, but Kyoto in Atlantic Highlands is markedly better. (Kyoto for sushi/sashimi only. I wasn't impressed with the cooked food at Kyoto.)

                      1. re: joonjoon

                        joonjoon, thanks for the info and the head's up on Sono. We will try both as soon as possible! :)