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Jun 21, 2007 12:15 PM


I Live in the SF Bay area and will be heading down to LA next weekend. I love the House of Prime Rib in SF, but some of my friends from LA say the quality of LAwry's in LA on La Cienage is better? Any Thoughts?

Also, Do they offer free slices of seconds for the prime rib (they do at house of prime rib, though the slices are thin)? Do they offer free seconds of the sides?

I'm planning on making reservations based upon your responses. Any input would be helpful. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Never been to House of Prime Rib, but I can tell you that Lawry's does not offer free seconds of anything.

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      I've never been to the House of Prime Rib either, but you should definitely try Lawry's, then YOU can report back to us!! : )
      P.S. You should look up old threads on this subject - tons of threads, I'm sure.

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        Ah, but Lawry's does have free stuff, but you have to know what to ask for. I'm sure that I'm killing the golden goose, but I've got to share with the Hounds. Ask your server for "crispies" which are the trimmings of the PR roasts (like a 1/8 inch end cut). They are delicious and reheat quite well.

      2. Your friends right about Lawrys being better than House of Prime Rib. Cream of corn is a lot better...Lawry's don't have "free" of anything except for the bread and water. It's good choice if you like prime rib and from out of town.

        1. I love Lawry's prime rib, and think the quality is among the best prime rib offerings in LA. I have never been to the House of Prime Rib in S.F., so can't offer a comparison.

          I do not believe that Lawry's offers seconds of *anything* for free . . . but they do have several different portion sizes you can order from, and the sides are generous. To put it this way, I've never left Lawry's anything less than *stuffed* on an average-sized portion.

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            Do not buy the double cut. It's not worth it.

          2. I still go to Lawry's so that I can order creamed spinach with a side of prime rib.

            1. You can get free seconds on the Yorkshire pudding, but that's about it. Definitely worth the trip, though. We usually get the big cut -- either the Diamond Jim Brady or the Double cut, depending on how hungry we are -- and then split it. Lawry's will only charge you for the extra salad, and they will give you the extra plate so you split the meat. It's more than enough for 2.

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                I love the Lawry Cut -- the Diamond Jim seems to be too fatty.

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                    Ahhh, the end cut - never settle for anything less...

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                  Yep, they do give you all the Yorkshire pudding you want. They've even (more than once) boxed me up a fresh one to take home for my kid who loves them.

                  I think the seasoned salt/pepper on the table is free also. At least they have urged us to take them home.