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Jun 21, 2007 12:12 PM

MSP-No Love for Kincaid's [Moved from Midwest]

I never read any reccomendations for Kincaid's in Bloomington. I had there first seating 3 course dinner on last sunday. I had the braised beef shortrib which fell of the bone and melted in my mouth. I thought it was excellent especially for the money. Is it because Kincaid's is a huge chain restaurant?

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  1. We went to the Kincaid's in St Paul recently and it felt like TGI Fridays. The appetizers were all heavy and/or fried, the meat was oversauced, and the portions were so huge it was nauseating. Those are the main reasons why I wouldn't recommend it.

    1. Go to and look at the photo on their web site. THAT summarizes my feelings on the place. A piece of grilled salmon with steamed mixed vegetables. Yawn.

      Don't get me wrong, I think Kincaid's does good food, fairly priced and in a nice atmosphere (Bloomington location). In St. Paul, I would probably eat lunch at their bar if I worked nearby -- good food at fast food prices last time I was in there. I also recommend their prime rib as one of the best in MSP.

      But there's just nothing particularly inspiring about the cuisine or its west Bloomington location. Certainly nothing that warrants its perpetual "Best Of all of MSP" readers' poll awards. Their menu reads like a million other places in the suburbs (in my neck of the woods Enjoy!, Copper Bleu, Jensen's Supper Club, Redstone, Doolittle's, Axels Bonfire, Napa Valley Grill/California Kitchen, etc.) They may be better than some of those choices, but I definitely wouldn't put them in the top 10, maybe even top 20 in all of MSP if you include other steak/chop houses. Outside the top 30 if you throw in ethnic food.

      There are only so many prime ribs and salmon filets I can eat in an office park before I go running full speed to another more interesting place in the same price point (think Restaurant Alma, etc.)

      1. We just went to the one in Redondo Beach and I thought it was pretty much ok - but I'll never be back.

        Likes:the herbed bread they serve as a starter, French onion soup, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus. Also, the pomegranate martini tasted like grape juice (which I like) - but had no alcohol in it.

        Dislikes: my Louis salad had nearly no seafood in it. Plus, they drenched it in a vinegrette and then also served 1000 island with it. I had no idea they were going to put a dressing on it or I would have said - hold the dressing b/c I like that salad with 1000 island. For $18 - I thought there would be a decent amount of seafood in the salad. Also, they served some weird grilled salmon in the salad that is not typical for a Louis salad - that was also strange. The prime rib was also just ok. I think the prices are that of really good steakhouses - like Maestros or Ruth's Chris - and this just does not come near to comparing.