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Jun 21, 2007 11:23 AM

MSP-Local Critics

I'm looking for local critics web sites. Dara on city pages is a great resource. But I'm looking for others. Does Andrew Zimmern have a site that is any good? I remember reading some comments that he wasn't too popular on this board...Why is that?

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  1. Andrew Zimmern's Blog:

    I can't speak as to his popularity on this board, as I am pretty new to the forum here. I do however, feel that AZ has a somewhat polarizing personality...People seem to either love or hate him. Me, I just love food, blogs, and forums... :)

    1. Jeremy Iggers has a website. He will move over to reviewing for The Rake soon, and that website can be found in his posts.

      Kathie Jenkins's and Nancy Ngo's reviews are available online on Thursday, the day before they are printed in the Pioneer Press.

      Rick Nelson's reviews are available online on Wednesday, the day before they are printed in the Star Tribune.

      Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine lists their reviews online:

      So does the Minnesota Monthly magazine. In addition, the Food Editor Rachel Hutton maintains a blog on the site:

      The Rake usually relies on raters to talk about their restaurant experiences. But those items are all online as well:

      Here is also a thread from December about food blogs in MSP:

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        Dara is also regularly posting on the Gourmet Magazine blog on