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Jun 21, 2007 11:14 AM

Tucson mid-range restaurants?

I'm going broke taking my 13-yr-old and her buddy out to steakhouses every night while we're in Tucson (she likes the Catalina Steakhouse, Fleming's, McMahon's, etc). She does not like the ethnic places her parents frequent (Poca Cosa, El Charro).

But we all agree on Feast. Can you recommend any places comparable to it in quality, selection, and price? TIA!

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  1. Well there are a bunch of options....

    If they like Pizza then Zona '78 and Sauce are great, but that is if you like thin crust pizzas, if you like deep dish then Rocco's is your place. Sauce and Zona '78 aren't your typical pizza joints they are a little 'upscale' but aren't expensive.

    If they like Italian then Tavolino is the place to go. They have a very awesome pasta selection, especially the penne with sausage and there gelato is oh so tasty. If this sounds good be sure to make a reservation because they are always packed.

    I am not sure about the prices of Feast but another good restaurant is Wildflower. Kind of new american cuisine. Very tasty, probably a little more expensive then the above list but always a treat.

    If they like burgers than Shari's is your place. It is this old school burger joint on 1st Ave. It isn't much for scenery but the food is good, especially there chocolate malt shakes. Won Tucson's best burger joint. Wouldn't say this is on par with something like Feast but it is an option.

    This one is a shot in the dark but there is a really good Greek restaurant on 4th Ave called Athens on 4th. Great gyros and various other things.

    Hopefully this helps a little.

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      Hey, these are great - thanks much!

    2. I have to second the Tavolino reccy, even though it's a bit pricier than feast, and has a more focused menu, it is fantastic (!) Italian.

      You might also consider Pastiche, Delectables, Eclectic Cafe, Kingfisher, the Dish, and downtown, The Grill and Barrio.

      On the full-on steaky/meaty front, don't forget to go to Jonathons Cork.

      1. For an inexpensive meal, try Firebirds. If she likes steak it will be nice. I put it between Flemings and Black Angus. Also, on sundays Sullivan's offers a $29 prime rib special after 5 pm that includes a side and salad and dessert... EASILY a $45 value. I enjoy Terracota grill, which is nice because she can get some plain entrees but the more developed palates can enjoy some great indigenous cusine.

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          Thanks, Bootlegger451 and AZBconcierge!