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Jun 21, 2007 10:54 AM

Alexandria - lunch in north end of Old Town?

I will need to eat three lunchs next week in the vicinity of 1st St and N Fairfax, won't have time to stray too far, any suggestions? TIA all

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  1. You're about three blocks from the Royal Restaurant, a nice little diner. Nothing spectacular but good and reasonably priced.

    Overwood Grill is also good for steak frites and other meats. Burger is weak though.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      I'd also consider A La Lucia on Madison, for moderately-priced Italian.

      1. re: bordeauxfan

        I've been meaning to try this place. anyone know how the pork shoulder sandwich compares to Bebo's? I'll likely find out soon anyway...

      2. re: monkeyrotica

        Overwood is a bit of a hike from 1st for a quick lunch. I'd go with Stardust, Royal, Royal Street Thai, and A la Lucia on that end of things.

      3. I would recommend Woodstock Cafe and Bilbo Baggins.

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          I don't know about Woodstock Cafe, but Bilbo Baggins -- yikes! Don't go there. The beer menu is decent, but the food just outright sucks.

        2. There's also Bastille at the north end of Royal. I had a very good dinner there recently and am looking forward to going back.

          1. lunch #1 was at A La Lucia, an eggplant-mozz panino (singular. panini is plural, let's start correcting everyone) with tomato and cilantro. tasty but thin and over-grilled. was disappointed they no longer had the pork shoulder not enough evidence to judge the entire place, hope to return soon for dinner
            lunch #2 was at Perks, the coffee shop on Fairfax bewteen Montgomery and Madison. this became my morning hangout for my 3-day stint. Seattle's Best coffee, and a unique menu of sandwiches, soups and salads. I had the tuna on very good multi-grain bread. coulda been a bigger sandwich but it was good and it had a spicy kick to it, nice. I liked this place. had a good egg sammy there the last morning
            lunch #3 was at Thai Royal or whatever it's called, on Royal near Montgomery. the place was packed for lunch, people waiting. my friend had the Pad See Euw with pork, I tried the Kaprow with tofu. friend's dish looked pretty good, nice n eggy, he liked it. mine tasted good, fresh and all, but once again, the tofu was cooked so that each piece became a soft, sauce-filled sponge. very few Thai places get this right, Bangkok 54 among them. small portions. I would go back to try other dishes.
            thanks again for all the recs