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Jun 21, 2007 10:39 AM

New candy store/soda fountain on SoCo?

Anyone know about the name and location of this? Read something about it recently but can't find any info online. Thanks...

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  1. It's called Big Top and it's located on the 1700 block of South Congress. A craigslist employment posting [1] from the shop's owner offers a description and plenty of details.


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      I went there this weekend. My friend ordered a vanilla Dr. Pepper. I post about this because of the way they made it. They pour Dr. Pepper syrup in a glass, vanilla syrup in the glass, then put in the soda water. So, an actual soda fountain soda. They poured some cream on top too, wow it looked good. I had already ordered a malt or I would have had one. Luckily this place is right next door to my hair salon, so I can go in when I get my hair cut. It was $7 for both my malt and her soda.

      1. re: kitchenknife

        That I don't know. I'll walk by tomorrow and find out.

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          They're not open yet. The posting I linked above says Big Top should "open in mid-to-late June" so I imagine they will finish their renovations any day now.

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            We walked by this morning and they are at least two weeks away from completion, but probably closer to a month. The walls are partially painted and the ductwork is in, but they've got big holes in the floor and walls, and no fixtures at all. The guy on duty at Monkey See, Monkey Do said "sometime next month, it's going more slowly than we'd planned." HTH.

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                Thanks for all of these updates. Now it all makes sense!

      2. so does anyone know if this is open yet? anyone been there?

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          I drove by last weekend and it appears to be open, though I haven't checked it out yet.

          1. re: Lixer

            It's not open. I made a special trip to check it out. Gas wasted. The sign in the window gives no hint as to when they think they'll open. Just "soon"....

            1. re: tokyomonamour

              A person I chatted with today mentioned the store has opened. I can't wait to stop by and check it out!

        2. It is open. Went in Wed night. Tons of old school candy and a soda fountain. Whatever candy you had as a kid- they have it. They sell Blue Bell Ice Cream at the counter too. A bit pricey for the bin items- $2 for 1/4 lb on some items. They did have a big selection of sugar free candy too. Well worth checking out...but not on First Thursday.

          1. just went with mu husband, love the place but the guy charged us $17 for one shake, an egg cream and some malt balls. If shakes are that expensive now we'll pass in the future