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Jun 21, 2007 10:38 AM

South Street Seaport tomorrow- Need assistance please

Going with my husband to check out "Bodies" exhibit at the seaport. I have not been down there in a few years. Are there any places that are not tourist traps? We may want a few cocktails as well as a bite to eat, afternoon/evening. We don't want or need a $50.00 per person lunch at this point, but good food would be nice.Also, can we walk to china town from there ( 100 Mott Street )

thanks for your help!!

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  1. The Bodies exhibit is on the corner of Fulton and Front st. Walk north on Front St. There are a number of options in the 2-3 blocks of that street. There's Acqua, Dodo and the Paris on Peck Slip, some new pizza place whose name escapes me (Brigante?), a sushi spot (Suteishi) and of course there's Jeremy's.

    Don't eat on fulton street, or anywhere on the pier.

    Walking to chinatown, depending on how fast you walk, would probably be at least 30 minutes. 20 if you're really trucking along.

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      I like Cabana's at the pier, the mojitos are good, food is decent. NOT GOURMET... Its on the pier and has a great view! It's fun. It gets alot of business folks after work, not just tourists. We've walked and cabbed it to Chinatown, depends on how much u like walking and how hot it is. Takes around 20 min-30 min, depending also on street traffic.

    2. I've had mixed experiences at the Paris, but I agree that the way to go is along Front Street. There's a good tapas place, and if you head up far enough, the Bridge Cafe (very classy, more on the expensive side). Also, Mead's is a good bar / casual food option, which isn't too fancy, but is a nice atmosphere.

      1. You might want to do a search of this site. There are MANY recent posts on this topic.
        A list of possibilities (some of the menus are on

        *Meade's (+outdoor cafe)
        *The Paris
        *Fresh Salt (sandwiches only, outdoor cafe)
        *SUteiShi (no outdoor cafe but wall opens)
        *Stella Maris
        *Table Tales
        *Salud! (applied for outdoor cafe)
        *DoDo (+outdoor cafe)
        *Acqua (was Quartino/+outdoor cafe)
        *Il Brigante
        *Buon 'Amici (next to The Paris)
        *The Bridge Cafe (upscale)
        *Mark Joseph Steakhouse (upscale)
        *Belle de Jour (where Radio Mexico was)
        *Nelson Blue (no outdoor cafe, doors all open on a nice day)
        *Jeremy's (they also own Meade's)

        Your best bet for non-tourist is North of the Seaport mall area as noted by egit below. The Paris is a local favorite but the food is average. They do have a brunch deal on weekends. Il Brigante is already pretty touristy (see the separate topics with comments) and not consistent. Table Tales (a lunch place) is closed weekends. I eat at Meade's a lot and had dinner at the sushi place again last night (see recent topic). Salud! (outside 25 mentions tapas) is on Beekman and Front acrooss from Carmine's.