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Jun 21, 2007 10:31 AM

Visiting Portland Next Week

Hi All, Wife and I will be visiting Portland with our 9 month old and need recs for good food near the places that we will be checking out and near our hotel.

There's lots of recs that I've found on CH and EXTRAMSG's post on but don't know where they are in relation to places we'll be going so I hope you can help.

Places we're hoping to get to-
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Oregon Historical Society
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Oregon Zoo
Pittock Mansion
Portland Art Museum (PAM)
Portland Children's Museum
Portland Classical Chinese Garden
Portland Japanese Garden
And we're staying at the Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront
And we'll be using public transit the whole time.
We're open to all types of food
Extra points if you can point us to good food near great thrift stores!


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  1. If you have Google Earth, I put the locations that are in ExtraMSG's tip sheet in a Google Earth Community map: This makes it really easy to see how close restaurants are to a specific location.

    To try to give you some guidance, here are the neighborhoods of your destinations:

    Oregon Historical Society, Marriott, Portland Art Museum
    Restaurants: Higgins (around the corner from historical society), Southpark

    Pearl district:
    Chinatown (actually more like Old town, but pretty close to Pearl district restaurants), Classical Chinese Garden
    Restaurants: Fenouil, Andina, Pearl Bakery, Eleni's, Fratelli, ... (too many to list!


    Far northwest:
    Oregon Zoo, Pittock Mansion, Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Children's Museum (I think)
    Not walking distance to any restaurants. The NW 23rd area is full of good restaurants and on the way to these attractions, but that couldn't be considered walking distance.

    Inner SE:
    Bakery Bar, clarklewis

    Oregon City:
    End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (I think)
    Restaurants: good luck!

    1. One place very close to the downtown Marriott that is good for a quick lunch weekdays is Tom's 1st Ave. Bento. It is just north of the Marriott on 1st. It is small and can be a bit crowded right at noon, but you can get it to go too and walk a block east to the waterfront to find a bench and enjoy the river and lunch. In addition to moist marinated chicken and tender steak, he also offers salmon and usually has a daily special. It's inexpensive, fast and good.

      1. I'm not sure if you want Goodwill type thrift stores or places selling second-hand clothing but generally nice stuff. If the former, check Goodwill's website. There are some big ones. There is one up on W Burnside. Have no clue how good it is. Sahagun is nearby it as are NW 23rd and NW 21st which have a lot of good restaurants, though many of them are more expensive than average. Ken's Artisan, Basta's, Escape from NY are good and more reasonable and not a bad walk from Burnside.

        If the latter, get thee to Hawthorne in the 30s. Pho Van, Cafe Castagna, Apizza Scholls, and Zach's Shack are all good options up along there and easy to get to and from on buses.

        I'm no thrift store maven, though.