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Jun 21, 2007 10:10 AM

Can Good Lunch Be Found Around 25th and 6th?

I am feeling a bit of frustration with my current job's location. I am on 25th St. between 5th and 6th, so not really Chelsea, but that's what some people call it. I spend so much time every day trying to decide what to have for lunch, and I am rarely satisfied. In the immediate area, I have Waldy's Pizza, A couple mediocre burger joings (BRGR on 7th and New York Burger Co. on 6th and 21st.) and 'wichcraft, which is probably the best thing around. If I hike to 9th avenue I can make it to Grand Sichuan, but their lunch dishes are not very good, and their great Szechuan dishes are expensive and enormous.

What would you folks recommend for lunch around here? I wish I was even 10 blocks south, because then I could hike down to the 9th St. Japanese places, but that is just not feasible. I feel like everywhere I turn around here it's bad pizza, bad chinese, or mediocre deli sandwiches. I'm lost.

Also, this is my first Chowhound post, so be gentle!

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  1. Shake Shack
    Rickshaw Dumpling Co is OK
    City Bakery, Petite Abeille, and Taralluci e Vino I believe make your radius
    Whole Foods
    I believe there's a cafe called Blue Dog (??). In any event, it's on 24th between Madison Park and 7th. Have heard good things

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      A few I have tried, with middling results -

      Shake shack is indeed delicious, but it is pretty much impractical as a lunch because the line is often over an hour. Rickshaw just disappoints me every time I go, and so now I don't go any more - they are so close to a great concept and great food to match, but the food is never up to par if you ask me. Whole foods is decent on occaison, but for some reason that place depresses me, and again often disappoints. Blue Dog is a good one I missed - it's on 25th between 6th and 7th - they have good salads, but not good enough to justify the 10 dollars that a large salad costs.

      One other good one that I forgot was Milanes - a pretty authentic latin restaurant on 25th and 7th. The best chicken sandwich I have had in a long time is only $6 there - I just can only handle that intensity a couple times a month.

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        Welcom, spiffae! No need to fear. Though we may be vociferous in our opinions about food, overall, we're a pretty friendly bunch. :-)

        Markt recently re-located to 6th Av. & 21st St. I've not been yet, but the lunch menu includes salads and sandwiches, so you might want to give it a try.

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        Blue Dog is on 25th just west of 6th, and it's a GREAT place for lunch, probably my favorite in the neighborhood. Creative sandwiches, fresh salads, and yummy sweets. It's also a great place to grab a muffin or croissant for breakfast.

      3. You should definitely try Sirtaj on the south side of 26th street, close to 6th Ave. It looks terrible but it is a hidden gem.

        Also, don't forget you are close to K-town. There are plenty of posts about restaurants there including Mandoo Bar, Seoul Garden and Won Jo. Or you could try Pho 32 at 2 W 32nd.

        Also, for Thai, you have Pongsri on 23rd between 5/6th.

        1. There's a bunch of spanish american places. I agree with the other poster, sirtaj is pretty good. I think theres spanish american restaurant across the street too from sirtaj.
          Manhattan hero is another spanish american food place.
          23rd street has lots of restaurants.
          I think there is a golden krust over there.
          Frank's pizza is not bad , its more for people who like sauce though.
          Theres a papaya dog on 23rd as well around 7th
          The great burrito on 23rd and 6th has pretty good tacos.
          Theres eisenberg's diner as well. The decor looks old and cool , i didn;t particularly like the food there but some chowhounds do

          I remember the chinese takeout in that area being terrible too.

          1. for dessert, if you like Yolato, there's one on 7th ave and 27th st. in a weirdly shared space. i must say, the yoggi flavor has really grown on me!

            1. Maffei's on 22nd/6th has great pizza, and a variety of heavy italian dishes. And you're around the corner from RUB on 23rd/6th-7th. I like the Bait Shack on 23rd & 5th occasionally too. None of this is too high-end, but I generally go for casual lunching.

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                benevenuto on the corner of 23rd and broadway has a good selection of sandwiches, salads and other entrees. and lennys on 23rd is great for sandwiches and salads as well. for something a little nicer sapa on 24th and 6th is good. on 22nd between park and broadway there are beppe and tamarind which are both nice and very good food and for more casual italian i love the restaurant via emilia which is on 21st between park and broadway. le pain quotidien on 19th bt park and broadway is another one of my favorites. ive never tried it but people at my office like mozzarellis on 23rd for pizza and italian subs. it gets mixed reviews from people but i still like les halles on park and 28th. oh and there is also black pearl on 26th bt 6th and broadway which im not a huge fan of but may be good for some variety. one last idea - fleur de sel on 20th and bway has one of the best price fix lunches in the city.