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Jun 21, 2007 10:02 AM

Meal good for a large group - with restrictions

Hello all,

I have a family trip coming up where I am responsible for cooking dinner one night and I have been racking my brain to no avail to come up with a menu. The situation is this:

12 adults - kids eat earlier and are fed by their parents
No nuts of any kind due to allergies
It's a bit of a competition and I am only responsible for one night so it's okay if it's labor intensive
No one is a very picky eater but nothing raw or too spicy will fly
Need to be able to get ingredients locally (Outer Bank of North Carolina, Corolla area) so can't rely on Manhattan-style specialty shops
Will be dependent on rental house cooking equipment. There will be a grill.

I was going to do a spanish theme and make some tapas for cocktail hour, make sangria, and do a paella, which I've never made before but have done some research, but I am worried about the pan. I was even going to bring down some chorizo.

Any suggestions?

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  1. On your way to OBX but before you get to the big bridge that takes you over the sound, you'll see a plethora of signs for local produce stands. You'll get the freshest, juiciest fruits and vegetables possible. Just as you come over the bridge on the right hand side, you'll see Seamark, a great source for local shellfish and fish.

    Bring your own fresh herbs and a variety of spices and starches, buy what looks good in the local shops, and make a delicious, fresh meal of local delights.

    1. Outer Banks: shrimp and grits with biscuits and a salad. Or shrimp creole with rice, with the heat turned down.

      1. I always like big roasted pieces of meat for a crowd. While in North Carolina, why not do a pork butt? I recently have had a cuban version with some interesting spices including a hint of cinnamon, among others, and it has been really good!

        1. For Mother's day I did a Mediterranean theme -- Lamb on the grill, three salads, and hummus like bean puree to start. Very popular even with my brother who is not a big vegetable fan. Everything could be done ahead.