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Jun 21, 2007 09:46 AM

Kintaro Sushi - Sherman Oaks - Anyone been?

This place has been in the former "Il Balcone" spot on Ventura near Van Nuys Blvd and Borders books for about a year now. It looks nothing like a sushi bar inside to me (except for the actual sushi bar), and usually see a few folks in there, but have not been brave enough myself to eat there.

Has anyone been there, and if so, how was it, what to/not to order, etc? Any help would be appreciated, I'm thinking of trying it out this weekend.


GK in SO

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  1. I went for a friend's birthday a few months ago and it was decent. Nothing to rave about. Lots of interesting rolls and cooked foods for those that don't each sushi. Service was good, price okay too.

    1. Yes, I get takeout from there about once every couple of months. Their Bento Lunch Special is the best deal around - a LOT of food and it is fresh. For $6 you get a big portion of chicken teriyaki, steamed rice, miso soup, small green salad, 2 gyoza, 2 pcs. california roll and 2 pcs. spicy tuna roll. My only complaint is that the chicken could stand to be a bit more teriyaki-ish... it lacks a bit in flavor and the teriyaki sauce is watery and thinner than I like. But the soup, gyoza and sushi are flavorful.

      They have interesting looking specialty rolls, but are too pricey ($10-15) for my frugal lunch budget, so I have not tried those.