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Jun 21, 2007 09:22 AM

What's new and exciting in San Diego?

I'm coming home for a visit. It's been about a year and I was looking up new places to check-out, a few places look interesting I only have three days so I need help narrowing down my list.

Quarter Kitchen at The Ivy Hotel
Restaurante Romanesco
Jayne's Gastropub
George's California Modern

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I ate at the Quarter Kitchen a few weeks ago. Actually, we just had dessert. We had 4 of the offerings. The PB & J with rice krispies was the favorite. The atmosphere was very Vegas/Los Angeles. The staff was very nice. The dessert was good. We were able to spy lots of different dishes as they were going by. They looked very playful, as were the desserts. At this point in time I might just go for a bite at the upstairs deck or bar as they are so new.

    I ate a full meal at Bite last night. Really enjoyed everything that we had. The standouts were the prosciutto pizza with goat cheese and grilled peaches, the eggplant dish is amazing, and the duck pate. For 3 of us we had 5 plates, dessert and 3 drinks each and the bill came to $32 each before tip. I really liked it.

    Haven't been to the others but really want to try Romesco out of that list the most.

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      Bite was the front runner and now may be the winner of a least one night. I really need to stratigize. Perhaps an early dinner at Bite, then drinks and dessert at Quarter Kitchen.

    2. Casa de Madera
      The Guild (haven't eaten there yet but heard good things)

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        I've eaten at Linkery. Your other suggestions, don't help me, it just makes my list longer. Which is not a bad thing. It's exciting to come home to so many new places in San Diego. I hope they endure and not suffer the fate of Region which was one of my favorite places.

        I thought Restaurante Romanesco would fill my Mexican food cravings, but after reading about Casa de Madera this may be the place. Perusing The Guild website makes me want to check this place out too.

      2. Agree with The Guild.....have not eaten in the formal restaurant at The Ivy Hotel--only sirloin burger on their rooftop patio (which draws quite an attractive crowd on weekends)....another new place in PB is Bar West--same owner as Stingaree and same concept--supper club.

        1. Jayne's is one of my favorite restaurants. Excellent value, good food, cozy/friendly service and atmosphere. Had white bean crostini (something about perfectly grilled bread...), seared-ahi salad w/ strawberries (special one night), and a burger--all excellent, and great value. Also had flat iron steak, ceasar salad, french onion soup, tasted short ribs...all excellent.

          Quarter Kitchen is the antithesis of Jayne's. Overpriced, bad food. Went there this past Saturday. Decor is over the top-Vegas, and there are stunningly beautiful women wearing stunning gowns serving as hostesses. The space is open, very urban, well done.

          Our server was horrible. Very green, knows little about food/what the restaurant is serving. Knows even less about wine. Knows nothing about service, or being prompt. Dinner of two courses took 3 hours! Wine service was decent, but a bit pretentious--or maybe I didn't order the right kind of wine.

          Dinner started w/ Kobe carpaccio, which was good, but how do you go wrong w/ kobe beef? Then we had the "kitchen sink" salad, which was fair. As a main I had the lamb, my wife the lobster ravioli, which is really an appetizer. Lamb was tender, but had no flavor. Lobster ravioli was ok, but a bit "fishy/funky". There is nothing interesting or adventurous on the menu, it's just your typical grilled meats and potatoes spot. All in all, for the prices, not worth it, and very disappointing.

          I second the recommendations for the Guild and the Linkery. If you haven't been, Jacks in La Jolla is a good.

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            Market on Ville De La Valle.. My new favorite place.. everything was outstanding.. food service etc.. would go back in a heartbeat...

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              Second that! Been there four times and it's consistently great. Could be the best restaurant in San Diego and it's not overpriced. Some excelent entrees in the low to mid 20s.

          2. nothing wrong with Romesco but there is much better...