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Jun 21, 2007 08:54 AM

Euro style bakery/cafe

We are coming to NYC to research bakery/cafes. We're opening a second location of our cafe,, and want to see some examples of the latest best in design and
upscale bakery/cafe products. We are especially interested in cafes that beautifully display their products, with a wow factor. And, we'd like to sample the best pasties/desserts/food items similar to crepes, paninis, sandwiches on artisan breads. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. 'Witchcraft for paninis and sandwiches...

    1. Wichcraft does have some tasty sandwiches, although in terms of atmosphere/design, there is not much going on.

      I would suggest:

      La Bergamote in Chelsea
      Tisserie in Union Square
      Payard on UES
      City Bakery in Chelsea/Flatiron
      Le Pain Quotidien (many locations, Belgian chain)
      Bouley Bakery in Tribeca
      Cafe Sabarsky on UES

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        Cafe Falai on Clinton Street and (I believe) Rivington on the Lower East Side has some great stuff. Second the recs of Bouley Bakery and City Bakery.

      2. definitely Payard! and P'Ong in the West Village.

        1. Balthazar has a really nice cafe/bakery, Sullivan Street Bakery does excellent bread and sandwiches as well as roman style pizzas and pastries, Blue Ribbon Bakery is worth checking out. I would also suggest le pain quotodien (spelling?) which is a very successful bakery/cafe chain. Bouley Bakery is really nice too. And for the best croissants, go to Ceci Cela on Spring Street.