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Jun 21, 2007 08:50 AM

Why does anyone buy flour tortillas?

If there is a choice, I go for corn. I love how the roasted corn smell of a fresh hot tortilla makes me swoon and practically knocks me over. A flour tortilla seems to have no flavor or aroma. Why do you buy/use/eat flour?

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  1. I like them as a change of pace,and use them for fajaitas and breakfast tacos mainly.
    Bit I do like corn ones and have used them for both purposes.

    1. Corn tortillas are great for certain dishes as are flout tortillas. A huge cal-mex burrito in a flour tortilla is pure heaven.

      1. I like both as well, it is a matter of which I have a taste for at the moment, sometimes I even have one of each.

        I do more often than not crave corn tortillas for some steak tacos.

        1. Burritos are handheld goodness. You can fill a big flour tortilla with whatever you want and eat it without a napkin.

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          1. re: mojoeater

            a burrito wrapper is pretty much the only reason to buy flour tortillas--that said, its perfect for the job.

            1. re: Jeters

              hmmm...I can't imagine a fajita without a flour tortilla, maybe some folks use corn tortillas for that, but ugh! But I do agree with you on the burrito...flour tortilla is called for on that one, too.

          2. I tried using corn tortillas once. They were really unpleasantly gritty and doughy to me. How does one prepare packaged corn tortillas?

            I have had them in various kitchens when I worked with Mexican people. I always looked forward to the kitchen staff lunch when they made fajitas. However I've never been able to replicate the flavor at home

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            1. re: amethiste

              You can't eat them out of the bag, they need some cooking (and no microwaving). Either steam them until soft (approx. 30 sec) or toss them on a gridle until hot. If you steam them, use two to wrap up the meat/condiments. In my family and in most Mexican households, corn is the most common. In my travels to Mexico (tourist resort being the exception) I don't recall seeing flour tortillas very often.

              Of course, flour tortillas make great quesadilla, but you I also like to soften corn tortillas, stuff them with queso fresco, and pan fry until crispy.

              About the only thing flour tortillas get regularly used for in my house is to eat various forms of chili.