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Yogurtberry - more new stuff in Jackson Heights

I can't help liking Pinkberry - I don't care what it's made of. This is a copy, for sure. I saw the sign up today on 37th Ave between 80-81st.

So many new things happening in the neighborhood right now...

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  1. Thanks for posting about it -- sounds like it could be a fun new addition to the neighborhood. And I bet the lines for it will be quite a bit shorter than the Pinkberry line in Chelsea.

    1. I lilke frozen yogurt, but this craze is going to flame itself out too quickly, its just too much.

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      1. re: jason carey

        I think it'll be like the Tasti Delight craze. It was all the talk and then it wasn't but people still like their Tasti D and keep on lining up for their evening cup.

        1. re: jennsch

          But at least the Pinkberry stuff, and even better the Oko stuff in Park Slope, tastes like something and has some substance. I had a really delicious, if expensive, frozen yogurt with very fresh raspberries at Oko a couple of days ago. Its much closer to the frozen yogurt I remember from years ago, and not too dissimilar to frozen custard. The only real drawback is the admittedly outrageous price (but then have you looked at prices for good ice cream in NYC recently?).

          TD always tasted to me like bad fake Mr. Softee, which itself is bad fake frozen custard. It really had almost no taste at all except for a sort of artificial sweetness, and their add-ons were strictly commercial grade crap. Oh, and that foamy texture!! Ick. I was amazed there was any fad for them at all, and I'm constantly amazed that a lot of people still go there.

          Looking forward to trying some frozen yogurt much closer to home. Let's see how they do.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            I think that you are right. good frozen y is great. but also as you say the prices are for the rich only.

            1. re: jason carey

              Wow, that is an interesting addition to the neighborhood.

              What else is happening in the JH, well besides starbucks?

              Does anyone know of a Jackson Heights food blog or Queens food blog that we can track all of these new developing JH news?

              1. re: Dijon9955

                "Does anyone know of a Jackson Heights food blog or Queens food blog that we can track all of these new developing JH news?"

                Yes. You're soaking in it.

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                  Jim, I remember reading a post recently about breaking down the Outer Boroughs board and perhaps creating individual boards for particular neighborhoods such as Jackson Heights, Forest Hills, etc. I think that's a great idea.

                  1. re: sandrina

                    We'd never go quite that fine, for a lot of reasons (all of which would be off-topic for discussion on this board, which is, of course, solely for discussing food).

                    Anyway, as-is, we boast more insider savvy JH chow talk than any other resource I know. And that's because we get cross-pollination from interested parties from outside the nabe who'd never take time to stop by a JH blog...


                2. re: Dijon9955

                  It's not exactly a food blog, but I read http://jacksonheightsnyc.blogspot.com/ for jackson heights news, and s/he often tells of new restaurant openings.

                  1. re: Dijon9955

                    You should check out the jhfamilies list serve on yahoo. Although there are a lot of family oriented posts, there are also a lot of neighborhood food posts. A spirited discussion about the pros/cons of Freshdirect and Starbucks took place a while back.

                    1. re: SarahC

                      Man, you guys -are- turning into Park Slope...coffeehouses, family message boards--be careful, or you'll lose all your wonderful international eateries!

                  2. re: jason carey

                    I usually go to bloomingdales and get the plain. It's really good and it's just around $4 for a small, which is really huge unlike the other places. And if the N/W->7 transfer is fast, I can be back in Sunnyside in 9 minutes.

                    1. re: catherine

                      I love the Bloomingdales frozen plain yogurt too. It's from a company called Frogurt. I usually eat it on the way home, but I've managed to get back to Jackson Heights with it still frozen. They also have a card that gets punched with every purchase, after you buy 7, the eigth is free.

            2. I was very excited to see Yogurberry - a type of business aimed at the mainstream consumer - appearing in Jackson Heights! Now I'm concerned that if they don't get a move on with the construction, they won't survive the winter.

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              1. re: hortusinurbe

                I thought the same thing....they really need a month of hot weather business!

                1. re: orzabelle

                  My husband and I really could have used a place like this the past 2 evenings, with the humid weather and all. We were thinking of trying some ice cream from Lety's, but then I didn't want to go in there and be faced with so many guilty pleasures.

                  Question: is the stuff from Yogurberry a healthy alternative, or is it loaded with HFCS and calories? Anyone know?

                  1. re: sandrina

                    Check out their nutrition webpage:


                    Sounds pretty healthful to me. And if a new store's opening on a very fashionable part of Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, that definitely augurs well for Jackson Heights!

                    1. re: hortusinurbe

                      Thanks for the link. I now look forward to the Yoguberry more than before!

                      1. re: spanishfish

                        Yes in the back, it's a subdivision of Ciao Bella's called Gotham Dairy. They have 5 or 6 flavors including one sorbet. The only problem is that the containers have no covers on them in the freezer which leaves that freezer burn taste...

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                            Passed by today, the sign is still above the store and there seems to be some work going on inside.

                              1. re: sandrina

                                And I just took a look at the Yogurberry site and it looks like the store will have wireless so...that'll be nice (if they ever open).

                                1. re: jennsch

                                  The Grub Street story claims Yogurberry to be "The Poor Man's Pinkberry". My question is, on what basis? The prices listed on their menus are not too far removed from each other.

                  2. I walked by Yogurberry yesterday and the door was open (though gate was down) and the yogurt machines and other stainless steel items were actually in there. For that place, that's huge progress. At this rate, I'll guess that they'll open just in time for Thanksgiving.

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                    1. re: jennsch

                      They are going to miss out on all the warm weather business. They installed a new door today.

                      1. re: ernie0716

                        yesterday's walk by revealed an all-lit-up cute place with pink walls, screen with yogurtberry videos playing, and the set-up, counters and everything, all set up -- looks like it's just about here. It's a nice bright little addition to that block.

                    2. i walked in today and the woman at the counter said they'll be open tomorrow, 9/27!

                      1. It's open!!! I just went and had a cup. It was a pretty small portion (I got the small for $2.50). I just got the plain...the only other option was green tea. They had various mix-ins (fruity pebbles being the most unusual). The first taste was off putting. It got better...sort of. Really thin...not a very appetizing consistency. It does seem "hip" for better or worse...

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                        1. re: zestysunflower

                          I went last night, just happened to be walking by and needless to say I wasn't impressed. Flavor was OK - kinda icy, not very creamy and I agree with zestysunflower my portion was tiny for $2.50, not to mention the girl working behind the counter did not know how to fill up the cup and it was a small swirl that was hollow in the middle . . . I was not happy about that, then on my way out I noticed they were giving out generous free samples - which I should have just had instead, I was sharing mine with a friend and 2 samples would have equalled the amount I paid for. Totally not worth it, I probably won't be going back.

                          1. re: vanny

                            I agree with the hollow middle being a problem (and hope that will get worked out), but I am definitely a fan of this stuff. It tastes, to me, indiscernible from Pinkberry. Like yogurt, and refreshing as opposed to creamy. I think it's a matter of whether you like the taste or not, and I'm sure there are plenty who won't.

                            1. re: orzabelle

                              Just got back from Yogurberry and while I enjoyed the flavor (and it was very tasty with sliced almonds on it), the hollow center was annoying --- made it feel very expensive. And it's not so tasty that it felt worth the bucks.

                            2. re: vanny

                              Just an FYI, this is cheaper than what the other fro-yo places charge. Pinkberry is $2.99 for a small (5 oz.) serving.

                              I still haven't had the chance to drop by yet... planning on giving it a shot tonight.

                              1. re: danoots

                                Ok, ok . . . $2.50 isn't bad, but when it was hollow in the middle and they were giving away those darn free samples and didn't offer one to me or my friend - it made me mad . . . that's all. I hope people do like it, I just don't and didn't think it was worth it.

                                1. re: vanny

                                  Just got back from my first Yogurtberry experience. Re: price vs. size, I was actually pretty pleased... $2.50 + $1.50 got me a nicely sized small cup with three fruit toppings - mango, raspberries, and blueberries.

                                  The yogurt itself was nicely flavored, but the texture of mine was definitely more icy than Pinkberry. The fruit was a pretty huge step down from Pinkberry also... much of the mango was unripe, while the raspberries were pretty beaten up/mashed into a liquid.

                                  Wasn't a total bust, but I was definitely hoping for a little more from Yogurtberry...

                                  1. re: danoots

                                    After all the posts I couldn't help myself and went to yogurtberry today. No line; the few seat were filled and several people came in right after me. I decided to try the green tea flavor, which was $3.50 plus tax for a small. I didn't have the problem with the hollow center. I found the taste to be a little odd and off-putting. The texture was a bit icy. I;ve never tried pinkberry so I can't compare.

                                    I did notice that the prices on the yogurtberry website are lower than in this store. However, the price doesn't seem too unreasonable.

                                    I would have to be in the exact right mood to go here again. I do walk by this place a few times a week so maybe the mood will coincide with walking by.

                                    1. re: seneca

                                      Give the "original" flavor a try before you write the place off... as with Pinkberry, I think the green tea flavor is an inferior product.

                                    2. re: danoots

                                      I regret to agree that yogurberry has an icy texture inferior to pinkberry's and to the plain yogurt at bloomies. I also think yogurberry lacks the bracing tang that distinguishes pinkberry-- it's a little too sweet. and, the server painstakingly doled out a measly FOUR raspberries for my topping. Sad! I had high hopes. On the plus side, they did give me a free t-shirt on Saturday!

                                      1. re: nicolec

                                        I went to Yogurtberry on Saturday and have to say that I loved it. My serving was not "hollow" the portion at first seemed very small, but it was actually the perfect amount. And the flavour was actually great. I can seem why some people do not like the flavour and/or the texture, but I thought it was interesting and refreshingly tangy. I ordered the plain, by the way.

                                        I hope they are hear to stay. But I don't know what they'll do all winter long. The opened too late in the season, but just in time for the Queens Hispanic Parade that occurred today.

                                        1. re: spanishfish

                                          I was also quite pleased with my Yogurberry experience. The small seemed like a fairly generous serving, there was no hollow middle and I was given a large portion of honeydew as a topping. Perhaps they are still working out the kinks.

                            3. i went to yogurberry today, my first experience with any of these frozen yogurt chains. i found there to be a strong (and unpleasant) chemically after taste, which naturally makes me wonder what's in the stuff. the people in the shop said they did not have an ingredient list for their frozen yogurt. neither does the website, nor the offices in new york or l.a. (i called both) - all a bit evasive, seems to me.

                              which leads me to ask: does anyone know what yogurberry is made from??

                              1. I went there last night and tried the place. I had an "original" flavor with raspberries. I found the texture off-puttingly icy and somewhat synthetic, and the taste, although not unpleasant, largely lacking. The main thing I got was an icy cold mixed with a vague sweetness and very slight sourness. It was definitely lacking both the creaminess and the refreshing sour yogurt-y tang of the Pinkberry stuff, and was very inferior to the tasty Bloomingdale's yogurt and that fine Greek stuff down in Park Slope.

                                The serving size wasn't bad for the price compared to those places, although I have to wonder if it isn't a bit too high to be sustained in this area. I actually think they should use a smaller cup, which would allow them to give the same amount while avoiding the hollow middle (yup, mine was hollow) that makes them look cheap. Another thing that looks hilariously cheap is the parceling out of the fruit. After carefully laying out 4 raspberries on my serving the guy started to hand it to me when I think he looked up and caught me scowling, so he withdrew it and triumphantly added a fifth raspberry before handing it to me with a look of customer service satisfaction.

                                Anyway, fair as the prices may be compared to other stores selling this type of product, as I said above I'm afraid that the price point may be a little too high for this area. From the Indian kulfis to the Hispanic pasteles and helados the locals around here can get their preferred frozen treats a bit more cheaply. Add to that a seriously non-compelling product (which, hopefully, they'll improve), and an opening timed to coincide with the beginning of cooler weather, and I have to wonder about this place's future.

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                                1. re: Woodside Al

                                  While I was one of those who definitely liked the taste of Yogurtberry, I have to agree with Woodside Al's thoughts about their opening date being the death of them. It was really poor timing. Hopefully we'll still have some strong, warm days as we head deeper into the fall to keep them busy. Not sure what they'll do in January and February. They don't seem to have anything wintery on their menu at all. The Baskin Robbins down 37th Ave seems to have gone out of business with nothing to replace them. It makes sense that they are normally teamed with a Dunkin' Donuts storefront.

                                2. On someone's advice here, I re-tried yogurtberry today after having not really liked their green tea flavor several weeks ago. I am happy to report that I really enjoyed the 'plain' which tastes more like vanilla to me. I had it with a tiny spoonful of raspberries that I paid $.95 for. Total cost was 3.75 for a small, and I was pretty happy with it. There are always people in there when I walk by, and I find the storefront to be very well designed a pleasant. I hope they stay in the neighborhood.