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Bday Dinner Tonight - Help!

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I'm a frequent NYC visitor, so it sometimes feels like home until I'm faced with picking a restaurant from the thousands for my birthday... TONIGHT. I've got a group of 7-8 20-something girls, I'd like to spend less than $35/head, any kind of cuisine (though most of my friends eat very healthy - vegetarians, lo carbs, etc), anywhere between 12th/30th on the west side. Casual, fun atmosphere is fine (but doesn't need to be *the* party spot either).

Any suggestions!?!??

Thank you!

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  1. Crispo is one thought, although it is italian so doesnt really fit the lo carbs. Has an outdoor area thought that would be perfect for what should be a beautiful night tonight.

    Recently went to Indochine and really liked it, think it could be a fun place for a group