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Jun 21, 2007 08:14 AM

Nick's Fish House

I've read contradicting reports of the whole Nick's Fish House experience. Is it worth it to eat on the water?

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  1. Their food is hit or miss, I had a good shrimp salad once but another time I had fish and chips that smelled like ammonia. I've never had their steamed crabs but they look reheated to me!

    1. Oh gosh, I thought everything about this place was awful, from the food (nearly every bite of it) to the waitress who dropped a drink right next to me (splash) and the employees who took their time in cleaning up the broken glass.

      1. It's fun on a Saturday afternoon when they have live music if you get a table outside. Never had the crabs, but their seafood pastas are pretty good. The fried oyster sandwich, on the other hand, is pathetic.

        1. I went with a large group from the office and it seemed pretty consistently mediocre.

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            That seems to be the consensus. Good place to have a few adult beverages by the water but don't eat there.

          2. Yeah, I agree with eveyone else. Gross food, bad staff. Just a place for drinks. It also has industrial buildings all around it making the scenery kinda dull.