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Nick's Fish House

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I've read contradicting reports of the whole Nick's Fish House experience. Is it worth it to eat on the water?

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  1. Their food is hit or miss, I had a good shrimp salad once but another time I had fish and chips that smelled like ammonia. I've never had their steamed crabs but they look reheated to me!

    1. Oh gosh, I thought everything about this place was awful, from the food (nearly every bite of it) to the waitress who dropped a drink right next to me (splash) and the employees who took their time in cleaning up the broken glass.

      1. It's fun on a Saturday afternoon when they have live music if you get a table outside. Never had the crabs, but their seafood pastas are pretty good. The fried oyster sandwich, on the other hand, is pathetic.

        1. I went with a large group from the office and it seemed pretty consistently mediocre.

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            That seems to be the consensus. Good place to have a few adult beverages by the water but don't eat there.

          2. Yeah, I agree with eveyone else. Gross food, bad staff. Just a place for drinks. It also has industrial buildings all around it making the scenery kinda dull.

            1. We ate there last Saturday night (wasn't my pickings) and had crabs, steamed shrimp, beer. The place was packed, even for dinner at 9:30pm but we did manage to squeeze in outside. The server was friendly (albeit a bit too friendly), the food was ok (the crabs were heavy and we did get extra lots of extra claws since i complained two of my crabs were missing thiers) but the service wasn't speedy; drinks took too long for a summer's night. I'm not rushing to get back but I have to say, given that everyone i know generally avoids the place i was very surprised to see such a huge crowd and diverse (south balto, fed hill types, boaters, and younger "Bay Cafe" crowd).