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Jun 21, 2007 08:10 AM

group lunch in the CBD

Need a rec for lunch tomorrow in the CBD. Nothing too fancy or exepnsive as we work non-profit. There will be about 8 people

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  1. You could go to another non-profit, Cafe Reconcile (just outside the CBD on Oretha Castle Haley). Very cheap, really good homestyle southern food.

    A little nicer, Luke or RioMar both do lunch.

    1. You might try the Bon Ton on Magazine. I wouldn't describe it as cheap, but neither would I say it's expensive.

      1. liborio on magazine is a cuban restaurant with a pretty good, fairly inexpensive lunch.

        good poboys and plate lunches at P&G on baronne. extremely inexpensive. some may consider the atmosphere lacking. it's an order-first, then sit down type place. good red beans and rice. good fried seafood. nice people.

        steve's diner on gravier has good plate lunches and salads.