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Jun 21, 2007 07:22 AM

Da Enzo closed for good

I called to make a reservation for tomorrow but the number was disconnected. Emailed and received this response: "Sorry the restaurant is closed for good." We live near Bussola's old spot and were very sorry to see it go. I had given up on ever tasting Gino's gelato again when I learned that Enzo had opened this place. Someone posted that they ate there last Saturday and had a wonderful meal. Does anyone know what happened?

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  1. What?? How disappointing.
    Also a huge Enzo/Gino fan since Bussola and Siracusa days. I'll do more investigating and post if I find any info.

    1. We had dinner there just before they closed. Enzo did not say anything about closing at that time. Has anyone heard anything about them reopening in a new location? Enzo had said that they originally moved because of a rent increase from $5,000.00/month to $30,000.00/month. From what he was saying a couple of weeks before, they were having trouble with people finding them because of the odd location of the new restaurant. We love that place. We will be back in NYC in a couple of weeks, and we would love to find them open in a new spot.