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Jun 21, 2007 07:13 AM

Bethany Beach, DE

So I will be 'Down d Ocean' next week at Bethany Beach. any of you guys have any recommendations for good food around there. Or will I be stuck with boardwalk food all week.

Bonus points for those who tell me a good dish I can find there too!

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  1. My parents like magnolias and cottage cafe.

    I have too many old favorites in Lewes and Rehoboth to go to "new" places whenever I go home to see the parental units, so I've never eaten at either.

    While you're there, if you want an enjoyable walk, check out the James Farm Ecological Preserve.

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      What are your favs in Lewes and Rehoboth. My wifes bday is next week too, so I want to take her somewhere nice. But taste is top priority.

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        In Lewes, I love Cafe Azafran: ... would be good for a special occassion, but I'd suggest reservations (request outside seating if you prefer) as it's sort of small. Their tapas and plates are all delicious.

        There is a long thread on Rehoboth on this page, where people have made suggestions that are probably better than mine for a "special" dinner - Blue Moon, Cloud 9, Back Porch Cafe, Eden, Sidney's (good for live music after dinner, too


        Planet X is an absolute favorite (very funky decor, very good food with interesting flavors);; I swear I heard they closed, but their site is still up and I just went there in the fall, so maybe I dreamt it.

        Good luck! You can't really go wrong with any of those!

        1. re: jp4401

          Blue Moon is the best of the best in Rehoboth, IMHO. That is our fine dining choice.

          For more casual, I like Dog Fish Head....the beer is excellent and there is a wide array of choices on the menu, all pretty decent.

          As far as milkshakes, I have tried everyone in town, as coffee milkshakes are my favorite, and I can say with certainty that Double Dippers (across from Nicola's) is the best in town. Try a Capuccino Crunch Milkshake --you won't be disappointed. Ive gotten away from one a night, as that's just obscene. Now its a milkshake 5 out of 7 nights.

      2. Not sure what you are looking for when you say "good food", but there are a few gems in and around Bethany. Most notable: Blue Coast, on Rt 1, and Northeast Seafood Kitchen, off of Rt 26 in Ocean View are probably the best restaurants in the area. They are owned by the same people (and they also own Fish On in Lewes, and a new place "Catch 54(?)" in Fenwick). Fresh fish and other food, great preparation, really high quality in a very nice environment. At Northeast, I would highly recommend the Lobster Roll, Portugese Stew, Lobster mac n cheese, fried whole belly clams, and crab cakes.

        For crabs, blue crab on garfield parkway, mickeys crab house on rt 1, fenwick crab house, or take in from Ocean View Seafood.

        Donuts and Baked goods: Griff's Bakery on Rt. 1.

        Other restaurants of note: Patsy's, Sedona, Five Guys Burgers.

        Barbecue: Bootsy's on Rt. 26 in Ocean View, take in only, order early.

        We're not big fans of Magnolia, (unless you need a sport's bar, the food isn't great).

        1. Drive up to Rehoboth...lots of options there. Not sure what you like, but I like Eden, Chez La Mer, Fusion and Gus n Gus (cheap joint, as well as Nicola Pizza. Other options might include Back Porch and Cultured Pearl. Crepes at La Crepes Suzette on the Penny Lane walking street about a block from the beach between the main drag and first street south of it is well worth a visit. Banana, Sour Cream and Brown Sugar crepes there are to die for!

          1. Go to "Dog Fish Head" in Rehobeth and the "Arena cafe" (on a small pedestrian alley)also in Rehobeth. Both of my favorites for good food and beer.