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Jun 21, 2007 07:08 AM

Party Punch Recipe for 4th of July

I'll be making a punch for a 4th of July party, and I need some ideas. There will be anywhere from 50 to 150 people, but I'm settling on making approx. 10 gallons of punch (I have one of those big gatorade cooler things). The party will be comprised of a bunch of fighters and their wives/girlfriends, so nothing too fancy (as tends to happen with this board). I figure I'll start with some base of grain alcohol/vodka and variety of fruit juice/punches, and work from there.

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  1. I suppose something in the festive colors could be in order.

    If you are set on vodka (which is usually the best bet in a big group, some can be very hesitant towards tequila or gin) why not do a spin-off on the cape cod? Vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice. Instead of plain cran, you could use peach/cran, or apple/cran. That way you could cut up peices of an apple or white peach and throw those in there with blueberries and representive in that punch are red, white, and blue (hokey? Just a thought). I think that is pretty simple, and will mesh with most tastes.