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Jun 21, 2007 07:04 AM

Where should I eat in Lake Okoboji Iowa area?

I am traveling from NYC with significant other in tow for a reunion. I will be in the Spencer- Milford-Okoboji area for 6 days. The only restaurant I remember from childhood visit is Mrs. Lady's (sopapillas with honey and peach puree). I am also looking for a farmer's market or good fruit and vegetable stand. If anyone knows a farmer with the best Iowa sweet corn, I will track him down. Is there a meat market or does one grocery store have higher quality meat and seafood? I will be there from the 1st - 6th of July. Thank you.

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  1. See this post for a few restaurant/specialty food store recs

    As for a grocery store, the local HyVee is about as good as it gets (and don't expect too much beyond the basics). I won't vouch for their seafood at all, though I've heard that the tilapia is passable.

    As I mentioned in the linked post, if you discover anything great, please report back!

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      Forbes Meat Market across from the Touchdown Jesus on Highway 71 has pretty good meat.