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Jun 21, 2007 06:57 AM

Chefs in Shorts?

Hi- I'm new to Boston and despise the search function on here, so I apologize if this has been asked/answered:

Is Chefs in Shorts any good?

- How long are the lines? Short enough that it’s possible to eat your fill by the time it’s over?
- Are there decent options for vegetarians? (There is one in our group of four)
- Any other tips that would be helpful?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I just recently found out about the event and know very little about it. Is it worth the $60?

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    1. re: Boston Foodie

      Enter the VIP Code HAR2007 (it is case sensitive) for $10 off

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        Hey there do you have a coupon for this year?

        1. re: adam.c.hall

          2008 VIP Code for $10 off is CISHAR08

          1. re: TomH

            You Are Awesome! Thanks you just saved me $40.

            1. re: adam.c.hall

              No problemo. Glad I could help! :)

            2. re: TomH

              Anybody have a VIP code for 2009?

      2. Outdoor pretty setting, weather permiting, casual, walk & eat or sit on grass, sculpted benches or rocks. Can be some long lines depending on what's being offered both food & drink wise. Can get pretty crowded. Hot, hot, hot big charcol grills all over the place, so not the safest for small kiddies. Water & Purel stations for handwashing. Variety of things to eat, both savory & sweet - really liked the pork belly items one year. Several popular local chefs will be cooking up a storm. Friends & I have been going for years. We usually grab a drink & take a quick run through to scope out the best offerings.

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          I assume some people went to this but am surprised to not see a review (or am I blind?). How was it? One of these days I'll make it but had too many other things on the agenda.

          1. re: Joanie

            I went to the event on Friday and it was cold and rained on and off. The food was all very good and there was plenty of it, but the lines for certain things did start to get long. The people who set it up did a terrible job , you came in, got a wrist band and your drink tickets. Got a drink and then went around visiting the different tables. There was so much it was hard to remember who served what so I apologize if this review lacks in food detail. There were no standing tables , and the few seated tables filled up immediately, so to eat you had to balance your plate on your drink cup and then just insert whatever it was into your mouth in one bite. So for steak that was cut large this was no easy task. The music was this grwat Reggae band called Hot like fire. summer shack gave out bags of Peel and eat shrimp, but offered no napkins and as I said no where to rest your plate.
            One place was giving out whole 1/4lb Angus Hot dogs, which, while good were messy and cumbersome to eat. Some people seemed furious about a place serving hot dogs at what was supposed to be a gourmet event. None the less most of the food was good , but once it started raining there was not much space for shelter, and many people just left. My GF sid that she was there 2 years ago and it was in a much nicer part of the Seaport hotel called the park , this one was in the WTC courtyard, which had much less charm. She did not feel that it was worth $60 this year and honestly even without experiencing a past one neither do I, but since it is for charity, no harm done.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Here are pictures from this year's:


            Still the best event to discover new restaurants in Boston. Better organized this year, as there was more space and better view of the Boston skyline. This year it was on the "bridge" between the World Trade Center and the Seaport hotel as opposed to the World Trade Center top floor which was really crammed last year.


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              My husband and I LOVED the 2009 Chefs in Shorts. The food was fab & plentiful. If anyone has a VIP code for 2010, please post. I'd like to surprise him with tickets for Father's Day, but $$$ is tight... Many thanks!

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                It's for a good cause, too: The Greater Boston Food Bank.


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                    Thank you cedoucette for the promo code!!