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Jun 21, 2007 06:54 AM

Dinner on the Upper West Side

Hi there,

I am meeting a friend on the Upper West Side but am at a loss as to where to go. I live in the West Village and have a million favorites in my neighborhood - 'ino, westville, extra virgin. Any suggestions for something similar on the UWS? Something moderately priced but delicious would be ideal.

Thank you!

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  1. Telepan, Compass, Shun Lee (Asian), La Fenice, La Viola or La Fortuna (all down-to-earth Italian), Zeytin (Turkish), Gabrielle's.

    1. Kefi is a great mderately priced Greek rest but cash only and no reservations

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        flor de mayo -peruvian and chinese. very tasty, no frills, but hearty and satisfting always.
        the peruvian chicken is their signature dish

      2. Celeste (Italian) is both moderately priced and delicious, but no reservations and cash only.

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          Bella Luna is solid, good-priced Italian and they have some sidewalk seating.

        2. Bettola (italian, quite good for neighborhood spot, outdoor seating)
          Earthen Oven (indian--good)
          Bistro Cassis (french bistro)
          La Fenice (italian--some good homemade pastas, outdoor seating, good people watching on Bway--near Lowes movie theater)
          Fairway Cafe (daytime, good breakfast/luch food, at night its a steakhouse--upstairs in Fairway Supermarket, very casual)
          Barcibo Enoteca (wine bar with some food, 4 very cute window seats that I like to eat at)

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              Also, Calle Ocho, Rain, Good Enough to Eat. Nice Matin, Ocean, Gennaro....All fine neighborhood places......

          1. The Fairway Cafe is pretty good. Maybe not the greatest atmosphere but top quality food + super cheap wines by the glass-by that I mean good wine priced low. Ora mentioned it in his/her post. If you can score an outside seat at Ocean Grill that is pretty good too-can be a little pricey depending on what you order. If you like comfort food try Good Enough to Eat or Sarabeth's.... Also, a Dean's Pizzeria opened up on 85th btw B'way & Amsterdam recently-I've eaten there a few times already and the pizza (Grandma's) & pasta is excellent. The layout is nice too w/a long bar & tables that are practically outside. Also, French Roast is right there if you want inexpensive French bistro food. Happy eating...