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Jun 21, 2007 05:59 AM

best unique restaurant

I am new to the city and my family is coming to visit next week. I want to take them somewhere great, but not something they could have just anywhere--- just a little something special. Any thoughts? Looking for American, French, Asian-ish, or really anything except Italian (I know that's broad but just looking for input of great places)! Thanks

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  1. I don't know what you consider "unique" but surely a visitor might be interested in a typical New York restaurant atmosphere.
    From classy, sophisticated but cool Vice Versa, to bustling Asian Lincoln Centerish Shun Lee, to a definitely New York "n"eatery Centolire, or a small Italian gem you might have found in an Italian movie like "The Great Caruso" called Giovanni's, or a healthy oriented but still delicious and quite unique Fig & Olive (who doesn't use butter, only olive oil in their cooking), these are a few suggestions that aren't the usually popular Piccholine or Le Bernardin expensive but classic NY spots.

    1. Marc Samuelsson has a great pair of eateries uptown. Excellent food and service and a combination of Scandanavian and modern approach... Aquavit or Scandanavian House is worth checking out. And it's definitely not Italian. Little high end, but you won't be disappointed. Cut and paste the url to check it out:
      Good luck and hope your family enjoys the city. On a side note, you may want to check out the outer boroughs... there are wonderful restaurants in all of them.

      1. This time of year, especially, I'd suggest Gascogne on 8th at 18th. They have really tasty food, good service, Sun-Thurs a $29 prix fixe before 7:30, AND a beautiful, relaxing garden, if the weather's fine.

        1. Caffe Taci, the life opera singers cafe.

          This is Italian cafe where you can eat and enjoy the opera singers performing every Friday and Saturday starting at 10 pm. I recommend you call and make reservation to get a better table that is closer to the stage. The prices for the meals and service are more than reasonable. I would even say, the price is even below the average considering the service and unforgettable experience you get. You should look to spend about $50-$70 per person including a bottle of wine and tips.

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            WD50 is MOST CERTAINLY certainly unique!

          2. Anissa in the West Village is also quite unique.