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Jun 21, 2007 05:48 AM

New Thai restaurant in Bham

Has anyone tried the new thai restaurant located on 7th ave south b/w 21 & 22nd street (beside the asian market)? I hear it's owned & operated by the same group that has Thai Emerald on Hiway 280?

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  1. Is it open? I drove by on my way from downtown a week or so ago and it looked like it still had a while to go--still working on the stenciling on the glass, dining room not done. I heard that it's owned by the same people as Chai's food store next door.

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      Oh joy, that's a block from work.

      1. re: Dax

        Dax, since you're only a block from there, you really must try Burly Earl just down the block from the new Thai place. It's a Bham tradition. They have really good dagwood sandwiches and one that's called a MacArthur. Believe it or not, it's a deep fried sandwich. The innards are pastrami & roast beef with provolone (I think). Sounds overwhelming, and it is, but something to try once in your life nonetheless. The ambience of Burly Earl's is a little to be desired. It's really more of a pool hall/greasy spoon kinda place. But it's a great sandwich place.

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          I've been there a couple of times but haven't tried the MacArthur yet. The onion rings are pretty good. Will give the Mac a shot when I feel a need for some grease.

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            BTW, don't waste your time on the restaurant upstairs from Burly Earl, La Cocinaville. It's really declined in the last few years. The last time I went, the service was slow and rude, and the food was average at best. Eve the chips (stale & cold) and the salsa (too salty) were lacking. Los Juanes is a new Mexican place near UAB that's gotten my lunch business recently.

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              That place (La Cocinaville) looks scary and that's saying a lot considering the places I used to eat at in Chinatown and East Boston.

              What are the cross streets for Los Juanes?

              I had a center cut ham, egg and cheese biscuit from Courtney's at 22nd and 6th for breakfast. It was huge for about $3.50 but the ham needed to be a little more crispy (supposedly center cut).

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                Los Juanes is in a strip of other eateries (Subway, Milo's, Chan Lee's, Sinbad's Mediterranean) that's on 19th street between 5th & 4th ave. s. I really like their salsa. Each person gets their own bowl. If you like spice & heat, ask for their HOT salsa. It's basically a thin paste of red chilis & flakes with perhaps a touch of vinegar. I can't eat it by itself, but I add it to my salsa & other foods. Tastey! The food is not earth-shattering, but certainly better than La Cocinaville's.

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        I just assumed that it was open, since they'd been working on it a while. My bad . . . When you did the drive-by, did you happen to catch the name?

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          It was about a week and a half ago, I think? I was so hoping it was open as well. All that was on the window was "An Authentic Thai Cusine", that's why I presumed they hadn't yet finished the stenciling.

          I"ll be downtown during lunch and on my way back, I'll see if I can see if they've made any more progress or see if they have the name up.

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            I drove by tonight on my way home from the gym. The name is "Thai House" and there's a sign in the window that says "open soon".

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              I stopped by to check out the Asian foods market next door, which is great by the way, thanks Gyp for the rec earlier, even though the proprietor did ask me "what, my prices too expensive" after I browsed for 10 minutes. I laughed and said no and he replied, "so you going to buy something" so I did buy some wasabi peas (was walking and not shopping so much). Anyway, good prices, especially on dry spices (ie bagged sesame seeds for about $1.25 vs a small jar of McCormick brand at a supermarket for about $3.50). Decent fresh herb and spice selection too.

              Anyway, pushy proprietor said the Thai place, with which he said he is not associated, is supposed to open next week. It looked done inside when I peeked in the window.

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          Update: my friend who told me that Thai House is owned by the same folks as Chai's said that he just presumed it, not that he actually heard it. So, sheilal, if you heard that it was owned by the same folks as Thai Emerald, that's the same group that owns Taste of Thailand on Lorna Rd in Hoover. I've never been to Thai Emerald but I've heard the taste is similar, w/Thai Emerald being a bit more upscale than Taste of Thai. With all that being said, I'm wondering if it will be just like Taste of Thai but in Southside. That's a good thing!!!

        3. The restaurant was supposed to open last week. Has anyone tried it?

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            I drove by last week about 3:30. They looked closed, but that could have been because it was after lunch & before dinner service.

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              I went by a couple of times last week and it was closed. Will try to drive or walk by today since it's only a little over a block away.

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                I called them (205-326-3779) and was told that they hoped to open this weekend, or maybe Thursday or Friday. Apparently they still do not have their license; I did not ask for clarification on type of license, be it business, food, liquor, etc.

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                  They open tomorrow at 11 am. Go forth and report back!

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                    Work lunch tomorrow, but will try next week.

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                      I beat you to it and I wish I hadn't. Spotty service was forgiveable next to bland, watered down Thai food. Really, really disappointed. Ingredients were fresh, but the depth of flavor wasn't there. I still have to drive to Atlanta to get what I want.

          2. I went there for lunch yesterday. It was just okay-nothing special at all. It was a real disappointment. I had the drunken man noodles and my friend had the chicken and pineapple curry. The lunch items came w/a bowl of coconut soup, and interestingly during the week a spring roll but NOT on the weekends. I thought that was quite bizarre. The soup was quite tasty but was lukewarm. It had a nice tang to it and I much preferred it to the soup at Surin. The drunken man noodles were wide flat noodles sauteed w/green beans, onions, and chicken. My first reaction was this is too salty---the same thing my hairdresser said to me when she ordered it the day before--but I was still able to eat it. It was served over iceberg lettuce leaves. I found that a strange combination. My friend was a bit underwhelmed by his curry dish. He said it's not as rich and flavorrful as Surin's. The service is definitely lacking but that is how it was at Thai Garden in Hoover.

            I'll try it again once more maybe for dinner. First impression? Not too impressed.

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            1. Despite the warnings I stopped in today to try the spicy beef salad, which I requested "pet pet" (spicy) and it didn't disappoint. While a little heavy handed on the hot and sour dressing, there was a nice bit of kick to the salad which consisted of iceberg, red onions, and some other vegetables, plus a number of strips of the marinated beef. Very similar to Surin's version but $.50 at lunch ($7). Since it's close, I will likely return but won't be rushing to get back.

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                After our meal at Thai House last week, we drove to Huntsville today to mooch around and had an extremely good lunch at Thai Garden off exit 20 on Hwy 565. It gave me what I had been hoping for - a one two punch of heat and then that unbeatable mouth feel...that "happy mouth" when all the buttons are being pushed. Prices were reasonable and our waiter was knowledgeable and friendly, even giving us directions to a Vietnamese restaurant on our way back home. If you have a reason to drive to Huntsville, I highly recommend a visit to Thai Garden.