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Jun 20, 2007 10:25 PM

Spin Chicken in MDR now Gaby's Mediterrean Express

Dunnoo if there was a thread on this...but drove by today....that was a fast switchover......i've wanted to try this place...will soon...anyone have recos?

Washington, 1/2 block west of Lincoln

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  1. They have 2 other locations, one up the street at the end of Washington, looks like Gaby is doing well.

    1. Oh, cool! I got a wrap at Spin once and it was decent, but Gaby's is great. Are they keeping the drive-through?

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        Drove by again...weird vinyl sign.....same great taste...with a SPIN (uses the old spin logo). i'm outta town but when i get back i'll see what's up and report.

      2. Just went there tonight, I was also surprised to see the new signs. They have the old Spin menu and some Mediterranean additions: chicken shwarma, beef shwarma, chicken kebob, beef kebob, and falafel. All available as a plate (with humous, rice, salad, garlic sauce) or as a pita, about $9 and $5 respectively.

        I ordered the chicken shwarma and was disappointed to get home and find they gave me kebob instead. After ordering I noticed that the rotisseries were empty, but I thought they had just taken off the meat for the night. The chicken kebob is good, but it's really annoying that they just slipped me something I didn't order. Bad service.

        The humuos is disgusting--it's watery and bland; it actually tastes like they took humous and poured water into it. I asked for extra pita 3 times while ordering so they could charge me if needed, then twice at the pick up counter, and I got home with the equivalent of one piece of pita.

        It took about 5-7 minutes to make my order even though the place was empty so I was glad I parked and waited inside. I will definitely go back, but next time I'll check inside the box before leaving to make sure it's right. Hopefully their shwarma will be good enough that I won't have to drive to West LA for Zankou Chicken anymore...