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Jun 20, 2007 10:09 PM

Aziza with a baby - will it work?

I and my wife have heard good things about Aziza and have always wanted to try it. The question is: will it be ok if we take our little baby there? Most of the time we take him to restaurants, he's happy as a clam, but you just never know. I'm thinking if we come early, maybe that would be okay. Is it a pretty loud place on any given evening? Thanks!

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  1. I think you'd be fine if you go early and are willing to walk around outside with the baby if he gets restless/unhappy. They are delightful and although the food is very sophisticated, the feel is more old world than super-hip. I would take my toddler daughter there without hesitation for a 6 PM dinner, knowing we wouldn't last three courses and would spend some time walking her out front between courses. And I haven't found it to be loud.

    1. Hm.....
      What other places could folks suggest?
      We have a six month old. We were taking him out a lot at first, but now he seems to be awake more than sleeping. How old is your baby and any other places you would recommend?
      We do Mandalay all the time (6th and California) and Troya, both of which are in our area.

      1. I would suggest you not go there. While the food is pretty good, they have belly dancers at intervals of what seems like 15-30 minutes and it can get pretty loud. I took my parents there for my dad's birthday and they complained it was too loud.

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        1. re: sylphi

          Really? I thought they had discontinued the belly dancers years ago. I know they had last time I was there. Did they re-institute them?

          If you do decide to go with a baby, ask for a table in the back room, which is usually quieter and has a long banquette where your baby can sit next to you, lean against you, lie down, etc.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            No, they have no belly dancers and haven't in years. sylphi's post is way out of date (last time I ate there was about three weeks ago).

            I agree that it would be fine for an early dinner especially on a weekday, when I haven't found it to be unusually noisy. That said, when my kids were that age I was not a big believer on taking them to the quietest room.... Babies can sleep through a bit of noise and if they babble it is perhaps better if there is a bit of noise. But I confess, perhaps I am just being selfish because I want to keep that back room quiet.(I agree it is the quietest). My attitude will probably change for the better when I have grandchildren :-)

            There are also banquets in the side room and that is probably what I would ask for; either that or a booth in the front room. Aziza has always been great about giving me exactly the type of table I ask for. Indeed, last time I was there hubby and I were waiting for the rest of our party of four at the bar, and the hostess came up to us to point out the available four tops and asking which I preferred, telling us she was about to seat some walk-ins and wondered if I would like to choose our table first...

            1. re: susancinsf

              I agree with susancinsf completely. I would feel way too worried about creating noise in the backroom while the background noise in the areas she describes is forgiving without being too much for a young child to handle -- which means everyone gets a more relaxing, enjoyable meal. And you are closer to the exit if you need to walk the baby a bit.

          2. re: sylphi

            Weird...I've only been once, and it wasn't particularly crowded, but my dominant impression was of tranquility and quiet.

            1. re: a_and_w

              I was with susancinsf when we ate there three weeks ago, and although it certainly is a lovely restaurant with very nice atmosphere, I would definitely NOT call it tranquil and quiet. If anything it seemed a little noisy to me. OTOH, we WERE there on a busy Saturday night; that could make a difference....

          3. Well, consider how you would feel to shell out over $100 for a special meal out with your sig-other only to be sat next to and distracted by a little baby that is not happy as a clam. Please, leave the little guy with Grandma.

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            1. re: Civil Bear

              I wouldn't mind as long as the parents of the baby were aware of people around them.

              1. re: Civil Bear

                I've found raucous adults to be much more disruptive than a baby. I'd rather have had a foursome of preschoolers at the next table than the yuppies at the table next to us at Perbacco who shared every word of their banal conversation with the entire room.

                1. re: Civil Bear

                  Maybe you should consider the fact that maybe they don't have anyone to watch their baby. My husband & I moved to California w/o knowing one person & we had to take our then young girls out w/ us whenever we wanted to try a new restaurant.

                  mgop ..maybe consider going out to dinner on a weeknight & calling ahead to get their opinion on a good table that would work for you.

                  1. re: sugarbuzz

                    If that is the case, then maybe they should consider going elsewhere. Aziza can wait. There are other options.

                    ps- don't get me wrong. I love babies. I even managed to raise a few and I used to be one myself. I just don't think a place like Aziza is an appropriate setting to bring one. Most people are there for a special meal, and many folks, including the parents, will likely enjoy it more sans baby.

                    1. re: Civil Bear

                      Sorry Civil Bear...didn't read your second post.

                  2. re: Civil Bear

                    God, people in San Francisco can be so selfish. As long as the parents are attentive and the baby isn't screaming, what's the harm? Personally, I enjoy kids.

                  3. Call Aziza and see what they say.

                    Given you have the baby, I'm guessing you are going early in the evening before things heat up. I'd sit in one of the booths up front that gives you access to the door and sort of insulates you a little from the other tables.

                    I see nothing so special about Aziza that should make you feel uncomfortable dining there. IMO, there are very few restaurants in the Bay Area where a baby would not fit it. A few that are 'scene' restaurants that might be too noisy for the baby ... or the top of the top like The Ritz or French Laundry.

                    As long as you are considerate of other diners and take the baby outside if it starts to cry, no problem. It is the parents who don't supervise their children that are the problem.

                    I don't know why ... but somehow it sticks in my mind that someone said The Richmond was also a good restaurant in that area to dine with a child.

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                    1. re: rworange

                      The owner of The Richmond has a toddler, so he understands about dining with kids. They have a high chair, and we took our son there when he was younger and calmer. Now he's 18 months and won't sit still for long, so I probably wouldn't take him to The Richmond at this age. It's a small place (smaller than it used to be - they expanded the kitchen and have fewer tables now), so not good if your child is fidgety or noisy. But if your baby is still young and relatively quiet, The Richmond should be OK, especially if it's early evening.