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Jun 20, 2007 09:34 PM

Hilton Head Happy Hour Bar Specials

A few of my friends (two of us in NC and the other from VA) are taking our Philadelphia friend to the Low Country in August. She has never been to the South so we are excited to show her all it has to offer! I have visited HHI many times and have many favorite restaurants; however, I am unsure of where to go for the best drink specials on the island. I am mainly looking for Happy Hour (want her to enjoy shrimp and crab legs specials while sipping cocktails in the warm ocean breeze) but would welcome any nightly bar specials as we will most likely check out some of the local watering holes. Last trip I believe Tuesday night was Martini Night at the Lodge.... any tips would be GREAT!!!

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    A long list for 'ya. Best check to see that whatever interests you is still on. We tried Alligator Grille the last trip down, and had decent sushi, buy one get one.

    Have fun!