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Jun 20, 2007 09:28 PM

Happy Hour in Raleigh

I just moved to Raleigh about a month ago and haven't had the opportunity to partake in many happy hour specials yet. Any advice (food & drinks) is greatly appreciated!

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  1. A general recommendation - zspotlight ( lists a lot of the nightlife happenings (including drink specials). Also, if you go to the "great deals" section on the site, you can buy gift certificates for area restaurants at 50% off (ie. pay $12.50 for a $25 gift certificate). Not all the places would be "chowhound approved" but it's a way to save some money while you're dining out!

    PS No I don't work for zSpotlight, I've just had some great experiences with their site.

    1. Hope you are enjoying Raleigh! On Thursdays Sullivans has 1/2 price bar menu and $5 martinis (& I think $5 champagne, too). Nelson's in Cameron Village has $5 house wine and $5 appetizers from 4 - 7 (every day I think). 518 West (Glenwood So. area) has 1/2 price bottles of wine on Mondays. And... in Cary (this is a chain, I know), but last Monday I had 1/2 price app's and $3 margaritas at On the Border. I don't know if that was only a Monday special or every day before 7:00pm.

      1. Just a quick (Debbie Downer-ish) clarification on Happy Hour in NC: I'm almost certain it's illegal to discount drinks for a certain time of day (i.e., 5 - 7 P.M.).

        Restaurants/bars can discount alcohol, but it's got to be the same price open to close. Food can be reduced in price, as you see from the insights so far.

        If you like beer, I believe The Flying Saucer still offers a boatload of free food on Tuesday early evenings. I'd check in with the 'Saucer first, though, as I haven't been there on a Tuesday in quite a while.

        BTW, welcome to the area!

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          I think that Flying Saucer has discontinued the free buffet after Trivia night. I believe that it was replaced with a weekly buffet just for the UFO club members. I think they said it was going to be on Sundays, but I haven't been.

          Pint nite at Flying Saucer is on Monday nights - all drafts $2.50.

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            Horniblows, the serving room of local craft brewer Big Boss Brewing, often runs special beer Thursdays starting at 5:00. These are usually introductions of new beers or cask ales. Always a good time. No food, but good beer.

            1. re: scarrie

              Any update on the Flying Saucer Buffet specials? We went there last night for Pint Night (1st Time) and wondered how Trivia & Sunday Brunch are...

          2. Hi all!

            Any updates on special after-work/ evening food and drink specials? Would love to hear them! Thanks

            1. Off the top of my head the only one I can think of is 1/2 price appitizers at The Borough Monday-Friday from 4-7pm. Everything I've had there has been pretty good. The only drawback is that it can be smokey in there. The Borough is located at the corner of Dawson and Morgan Sts.