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Jun 20, 2007 09:09 PM

VA Beach

My sister and I will be traveling to VA beach for a few days next week. I looooove fresh seafood but she hates it and can't get far enough away. Any suggestions on a dinner location that has lots of variety?

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  1. If money isn't really a factor try Terrapin which is just off of Laskin Rd. on Holly Rd, about three blocks from the oceanfront. It is very good fine dining.
    You also might try Catch 31 - a restaurant in the Hilton, some people really like it.
    There's a new place called Eat at 4005 Atlantic Ave that I really want to try. There is Zoe's on 19th St which is also really good.
    Most of the big oceanfront places like Mahi mah's and Rockafeller's have a variety of pastas and meats, though.
    Good luck and have fun!

    1. Here are your best bets for breakfast:

      Belvedere: This tiny luncheonette is smack on the Ocean. Great spot. Good food. Expect to wait

      Doc Taylors: Excellent new Locals Favorite. Kitchen run by former Belvedere cook Ray Ray. Excellent, really. Bldg formerly housed the practice of a real Doctor Taylor.

      Citrus: New and away from the beach but maybe the best breakfast in town now

      Mary's: Old timey, "in the know" locals favorite. Great lunch too. Cheap

      For Lunch:

      58 Deli Diner: Some of the best deli anywhere can be found at the 58 Deli Diner on Virginia Beach Blvd. Meats and bread are imported from NYC. The sandwiches are nearly $10 and worth every penny

      Pelon's: Very hip California Surfer style mexican. Great!!

      For Dinner:

      Surfrider: Awesome seafood spot at the Oceanfront. Local favorite. Cheap. Kid Friendly.

      One Fish Two Fish: Very stylish place on the water that feels more like NYC than VBVA, Top Rate seafood.

      Catch 31: Very, Very Stylish bar and restaurant in the Hilton, Ranked 4th out of 50 best area restaurants by Hampton Roads magazine.

      Tautogs: Outstanding locals Favorite run by Bill Gambrell, owner of Doc Taylors. At the oceanfront

      La Marinalla: Outstanding Italian in a slick and comfortable setting. The owner Sal will proably visit your table.

      Aldo's: Italian. Has set the standard for fine dining in VB for years. Favorite (with Terrapin) of the beach old money set;

      Chick Oyster Bar: Favorite Hangout for locals. On the water.

      Charlies: Dive Seafood spot. Very cool old timey spot