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Jun 20, 2007 08:28 PM

Japanese style ice cream parfeit

The one in tall glass with ice cream, banana, strawberries and all kinds of other things nicely decorated in the tall glass--- really pretty to see--
Does anyone know where to get it in WLA?

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  1. Never heard of this but, traditional style is with shaved ice in a parfait glass covered with sweet red beans, sweetend condensed milk and sometimes small Japanese type boba or fruit salad. Really yummy on a hot summer day. Milk is or was not a staple product. Ice Cream I believe, is an import.

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      Thank you for the reply! I am looking for "Bikkuri Donkey" or "Royal Host" (the chains in Tokyo) style...

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        OK- the better example of what I am looking for is "Fujiya" style!!! upscale ones could be "Takano Fruits"

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          mmmm, a tough one... perhaps at a "Yo-shoku" restaurant, which means Japanese style Western food. Places that serves curry, spagetti, omelets, cutlets and such, in Japanese style. Or, Japanse bakery/cafe type of places.

          Check with Curry House Restaurant chain (Torrance, Gardena, and West LA), or Akane Chaya in Gardena? Maybe the Mousse Factory on Sawtelle, which now shares it's space with Beard Papa, might have something like that. Blue Marlin is another Yoshoku restaurant, but I'm not sure if they will have a parfait. Or at least you can inquire at these places and they might be able to point you to another place.


          1610 W Redondo Beach Blvd. (at La Salle Ave.
          )Gardena , CA 90247

          (310) 768-3939


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            Thanks pongstress! Curry House that I tried did not- but I have not yet tried Akane Chaya.. I thought I saw it somewhere from someone's blog or something mentioned but I guess not... most places have like green tea ice cream with some garnish but not the ones I have in mind... it is so decorative I remember not wanting to eat it when I was little like maybe 5.. I did not want to ruin the decoration!

      2. Gaja, the okonomiyaki restaurant, has them. They're in Lomita.

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          I know exactly what you're talking about....the lil' kid in me is wanting one too! I remember getting one with my friend at a place in Torrrance, but can't remember! Grrrr....I have the visuals in my head - it was a fairly large green tea parfait - I'll repost when I remember. The strawberry parfait at Chantilly is also very delicious! Not exactly what you're looking for (no ice cream), but still a nice dessert if you're going to be at Gaja (above).

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            You know what?! I think that is where I saw- pleasurepalette's blog pics! Gaja was a recent review by her

          2. The Torrance Musha has parfaits, but I've never tried theirs.

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              their stuff is ice cream with drizzles.. not in the tall glass thing

            2. i'd die for a parfait like this:


              unfortunately, it's in vancouver. :(

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                Lol, you'd be willing to die, but not travel to Vancouver! "I would do aaaanything for love..."

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                  yeah-- only thing is I would add whip cream and banana with more adzuki and maybe kinako