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Jun 20, 2007 08:27 PM

Indian in Rochester Hills, MI?

Hi again,

I hope no one minds my asking several questions at a time...I'd like to keep some of these threads cuisine-specific so they don't get lost.

Looking for really GOOD Indian food in the area. I had one unfortunate Indian food experience at a place in RH that I don't care to repeat. I won't mention names unless anyone asks but I don't want to waste money or time like that again! So, I'm asking for recommendations...Mayur Indian Cuisine ( looks interesting, but I've not been there. Is it good?

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  1. Been a while since I've been to Priya on Maple at Livernois in Troy, but I've been to the Farmington one more recently--IMO definitely a cut above other Indian places in the area.

    1. I've always gone to either Rangoli (3055 E Walton Blvd, Auburn Hills) or Ashoka (3642 Rochester Rd in Troy) for lunch buffets. Both are pretty good. Even some of my Indian friends like them so they've gotta be alright. Been to Mayur a couple of times, it's ok but prefer the other two.

      1. I like Ashoka, Rangoli and Mayur too. I also like Royal Indian Cuisine 3877 Rochester Rd, south of Wattles on the west side of the street. They have particularily good Tandoori chicken. I am curious about the "bad experience" you had.

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          Well, I tried Rangoli today for lunch. We loved it! It's less greasy than some other Indian buffets and their naan was really wonderful--tasted fresh and was very hot and crispy. I like that they bring it out in baskets when you arrive instead of leaving it on the buffet to soften and get stale. Thanks for the recommendation--can't wait to try Ashoka and Priya and some of the others mentioned!

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            Actually, that's my biggest beef about Rangoli when it comes to the Tandoori chicken. They now leave them out with the buffet instead of bringing them out in the usual sizzling plate.

        2. Here are my personal top 3:

          1) Priya - Maple/Livernois, Troy
          2) Mayur
          3) Ashoka

          1. Ashoka is very good. The prices are reasonable. Some of the food is top notch, like the naan, the tandoori, the dosas, sambars, etc. My only complaints are that some of the curries taste too much alike and that the biryanis dont have enough saffron, herbs, or other goodies.

            Royal is very similar to Ashoka, I am surprised they stay in business directly across the street. Their food overall is very good, although they dont offer "thali" combinations like Ashoka does, so all you get with a curry is rice and bread. Some of their meat curries are bland and their meat(especially lamb) quality is not as good as Ashoka. Their vegetable curries, however, blow away Ashokas. I have not had a bad vegetable curry at Royal and often end up eating completely vegetarian there. Their mutter paneer is the best I've ever had, creamy, with a slight hint of tomato and plenty of herbs. Also, their vegetable and chicken biryanis are better than Ashoka, although slightly hotter. In addition to normal ingredients, they use star anise, herbs, plenty of saffron, and even small plums. Their tandoori chicken is excellent. They have a special strawberry lhassi.

            I have eaten at Mayur several times. Although initially I thought they showed alot of promise, eventually they disappointed. Their food is strongly spiced, hit or miss, and not cheap. Sometimes I sense the use of MSG or some other strong tenderizer in the chicken. I ordered a southern fish curry that was so strongly spiced with mustard seeds, kari leaves, and red chilis that you could not taste the fish. I hardly ever consider eating here.

            Rangoli has an excellent buffet that I would highly recommend. The atmosphere is very nice, as well. They have a wider selection of dishes than other restaurants. I generally consider this to be the best Indian restaurant in the area.

            Chettinad (15 mile and deq) is a new Indian restaurant that has some tasty biryanis and curries. They have a good buffet, very nice stone slate dishes, however they are a bit pricey, some portions are small, and things are mostly a la carte. The quality is very good, however.

            Priya- This is the most expensive Indian restaurant. I have had very good and also some bad food from here. The buffet is average. The last lamb dish I had there was marginal at best and had obviously been reheated in a microwave. The $15.00 price irked me. However, I did have a Kashmir Pilaf for like $6.00 that was absolutely delicious. Raisins, almonds, cashews and mixed vegetables with basmati rice with some butter on top. It was scrumptous. The spices used at this restaurant seem to be vastly different from all the other ones.

            New Delhi (15 mile and Deq) small place but I have heard good things.
            Masala Express- strange place bad food


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              My Indian colleagues at a former job disliked Priya, liked Ashoka, and felt Rangoli was the best around.