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Jun 20, 2007 08:01 PM

Restaurants Near Temple University

DC Hound coming in to town the last weekend in June for work and I'm going to be in town for 3-5 days and nights.

I will be staying and working around Temple University. I've never been to Philly before but am very exciting to try out the tastes of your town.

First off I really want a classic, delicious Philly Cheese there anywhere good near Temple? Or should I really go to Pats or the other big names?

Also I'm interested in hearing about other good restaurants or take out spots in the eats and moderate priced. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm interested in all cuisines---but I will probably be dining a lot by myself so places friendly to single diners with a book and not more then $30/person.

Thanks Philly Folks!

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  1. Ok so I'm really begining to fear after doing some research on the site that Temple University is a culinary wasteland...there doesn't even seem to be bad places to eat. lol

    But any suggestions still would be really appreciated because none of my food will be I'm on my own.

    Also any place within a short train ride away is doable too since I'm told we will be located near public transportation.

    On a different safe is this area to walk around by yourself if you are in your mid-20s and a female? Never seen to this area or Philadelphia for that matter so I'm just curious. THANKS!

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I went to Temple many years ago, and it wasn't safe then. I doubt things have changed much. If by public transportation, you mean the Broad St. subway, I don't think it is really a good idea. You are correct that there is nothing in that are. However, it is a short cab ride to center city. Won't cost you that much, and much safer than the subway. Tria would be a good place for a single diner.

      1. re: JanR

        Thanks Jan! Typical of my job to drop me in the middle of a non-safe food wasteland! lol

    2. I work at Temple and, while it is pretty much of a culinary wasteland, it is perfectly safe as long as you don't wander too far away from main campus. It is very well lit and there is tons of security around. Other than late at night, there are also usually quite a lot of people around, though it is quieter on the weekends. If you are staying at the Conwell Inn, they do a nice job of making people comfortable and I think they even provide breakfast and wine & cheese in the afternoons.

      As far as transportation, the Broad Street subway line is perfectly safe, especially during the day, and will take you right into Center City. As JanR said, Temple is also a short cab ride from Center City, where the good food is.

      As for the food, there is plenty to be had, just not much that is special. If I were you, I would try for dinners in Center City (search the board for tons of ideas), but breakfast and lunch are easy to come by. The only real sit-down and be served place right near campus is the Draught Horse, the campus bar. Service tends to be slow and food is mediocre. It is on Cecil B. Moore Ave. just off of Broad around the corner from the Barnes and Noble (one of the few places to get good coffee). There is also a Wendy's on that block of Broad.

      One block farther south is the new Avenue North Complex, which has several decent places (I'm not sure if they are open for dinner or not). There is a Qdoba (a decent burrito chain), Koja Grill (korean and japanese place just opened, seems ok though I haven't tried much yet), and a nice sandwich place called Noshery.

      Then there are the trucks. Philly has tons of "food trucks" where they cook and serve for you to take away and eat. Some are bad and some are surprisingly good. There are several along Montogmery Ave. between Broad and 13th street that I like. The Chinese/Vietnamese truck right next to the law school makes good char-grilled pork or chicken over rice vermicelli, and most of their noodle dishes are good. The next truck over, "Chicken Heaven" makes good salads. The Bagel Hut, a tiny little hut on Montgomery next to the law school is also good, but slow with long lines. They do bagels with all kinds of toppings, sandwiches, and salads.

      Oh, also on 12th st. between Montgomery and Berks Mall is a little row of take-out window places and picnic tables. Ali's, the middle eastern place there, is very good. I like the felafel and chicken kabob from there.

      Don't worry, you won't starve, and nothing bad will happen. But I would still go into Center City for dinner.

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      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        Definitely go in to CC for dinner, but for a good gyro and excellent cheese fries, the Owl's Nest on Broad Street on the north end of campus is the mainstay for students. Nothing fancy in any way, but OK to sit down and chill out. And you should chill out, considering what you'd be doing to your arteries. :)

      2. It's not right there at Temple, but a few blocks south on broad will take you to Osteria, probably the restaurant with the most buzz right now in Philly. It's owned by Marc Vetri and is really, really good. Superb pizzas, terrific housemade salumi, homemade pasta dishes, and I'm sure, with the superior oven that the pizzas come out of, good roasted meats. I can vouch for the pizza (robiola w/truffle oil), salumi (never thought my wife would like head cheese!), and pasta (white eggplant ravioli with anchovies and brown butter).
        You'll see Vetri all over the board, Alan Richman called his eponymous restaurant perhaps the best italian in the country. And Osteria does not disappoint.

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        1. re: JCap

          Wow that sounds perfect! What is the price range for a meal there? And can I dress casually or do I have to get dressed up?

          Thanks JCap.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Here's the site with menu:
            You can eat relatively inexpensively if you stick more to the pizzas-which are awesome. Frank Bruni wrote about them on his blog recently. I think our dinner for two was $140, but that was with the most expensive pizza (I think like $22), two other apps, two pasta dishes, wine, beer, dessert, cappucino, etc.
            I wouldn't say dressed up- my wife says dressy casual or smart casual- I hope you can interpret that. Enjoy!

            1. re: JCap

              I'm a woman...I can easily interpret that. lol Thanks!

              1. re: Elyssa

                Osteria is a great choice, especially for eating at the bar. It can be hard to get in, so you might want to call ahead. Also, keep in mind that it is a little too far to walk, and there isn't a subway stop right nearby, so you'd need a cab.

                1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                  How about the C bus running both directions on Broad Street? Gets you right to Osteria, at $2.00 I believe, instead of an expensive cab ride. Safe also. Going early to Osteria improves chances; and I believe there is a super bar area, great for a single.

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    You can definitely eat as a single person both at the bar, and the "chef's table" which is a counter overlooking where they are making the pizza etc. They also have outdoor dining, (about 10 tables) and those are not reserved either.

        2. There's a brand new place called Cobre, a few blocks north of Osteria on Broad St. I'm just throwing this out there, as I haven't had a chance to go myself, but it looks very intriguing to me.