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Jun 20, 2007 07:46 PM

Striphouse : anyone been there lately ?

I am having a off work dinner with some Colleagues this coming week. I ate there about 1 1/2 years ago, and the Sirloin was the best I've had in the island of Manhattan. Of course if we're talking Porterhouse, then I would be a different story.

I tried Wolfgang, Palm, S&W, Del Frisco, Keen's, Sparks, Old Hempstead, BLT Steak, V Steakhouse, Bobby Van's, and Del Frisco, so far only Wolfgang and Keen's got my vote in the city, but Striphouse was up there when I ate there.

Now... the place isn't exactly new and I haven't heard much about it, except for some Steak lovers who often vote it for the best "ribeye" steak in New York, I really want to know if this is the case, since I ordered NY Strip last time.

Has anyone been to the Striphouse lately ? can you confirm the quality of the ribeye ?

Anything else you would reccomend from the menu, other than the goosefat potatoes and cream spinach ?

Can anyone also reccomend a good buy wine there ?

Last but not least, just wondering if you know a good afterdinner bar for Corporate type setting around there ? something that's not too stuffy.


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  1. We had an excellent time 2 weeks ago - great steak (rib-eye and the chateaubriand) and we had the XYZ red zin. would definitely recommend the striphouse.

    1. Striphouse is still excellent. I was there 1 month ago with a group of guys I know. I had the ribeye and it was perfectly done, charred and crunchy on the outside, rare and soft on the inside. I am salivating now as I type this.

      We were at Reservoir tavern before and it is definately not stuffy...not corporate though.

      1. Hi. I was there on the 2nd for a birthday party and the strip AND ribeye were amazing. If they have it as a special, you must try the Potatoes Romanoff. And I'm a big fan of the stilton sauce. The bars in that area, owing to the huge NYU presence, aren't the most upscale.

        1. I shared the porterhouse (medium rare) for 2 last night. Excellent char on the outside, and juicy and medium rare on the inside. However, the steak was nearly cold by the time we finished (and we didn't eat at a particularly slow pace). The caveat is that we were eating at 5:30 pm due to time constraints, but I don't think that should excuse a mistake like that.

          I still prefer Luger's, but overall, Strip House wasn't bad.

          1. Dont waste you time or money on the GooseFat Potatoes. They are just an over sized tater tot.

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              Agreed. Everything else we had was great, but the goose fat potatoes were regular mashed potatoes with a crust on top. Not worth $11 or whatever they were.