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Jun 20, 2007 07:45 PM

Au revoir, Le Francais

How did the closing of a Chicago area icon escape this board?!

Le Francais stopped service, according to a June 11, 2007, article in the SunTimes:

I also called the restaurant phone number to verify, and an answering machine message simply states "we have suspended service until further notice"...

Please say it isn't so! I really wanted to take my wife there for our anniversary this year.

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        1. re: gleam

          Here <-> there, who cares?

          Nobody apparently has much to say about the loss of this great restaurant.

    1. I will miss Le Francais. I ate there many times - perhaps 50 - and there is no restaurant in Chicagoland since that has the most intensely wonderful sauces that Chef Roland was known for. That is a lost art. A reduction sauce is one thing, but Chef Roland's sauces were indescribable. Try finding flavor like that at Alinea or even Everest! Good luck! This society is in its early stages of barbarism - the American culture is dying - or dissolving - and along with the West's demise goes the appreciation of a truly great chef. Better have the gimmicky places for the young people - they have plenty of $$$ to spend. Better for business to please the philistines and dilletantes. - R. Benson

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      1. re: rob900

        Hi all.. The wife and I have been to Le Francis five times. Each time was a complete treat that I'd look forward to every year. We've eaten there under Chef Roland and Chef Michael.

        Now, with Le Francais closed, I miss the restaurant more and more each time we go out to eat. We're trying to find a place that's comparable to the food we ate at Le Francais. The sauces were, as you described...indescribable. But it wasn't just the sauces that I miss. Everything was just so complete. The entire dish from top to bottom...the preparation, the flavors, the textures. I really do want more than a simple reduction or demi-glacé gold on my plate.

        I've gone to some decent restaurants in Chicago and surrounding areas but the food is still falling a bit short. Don't get me wrong...I've had some decent food. But it's just not on par with the flavor and preparation that I'm looking for.

        Rob, I'd love to hear any restaurant suggestions you can give.


        1. re: rob900

          I completely agree with your take on civilization. I was born in Chicago and was uprooted by my parents and moved to Southern California. Need I say more?! Anyway, where was Le Francais and how long was it in business? I don't remember it from my all too brief tenure in the GREATEST CITY in America.