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Jun 20, 2007 07:28 PM

Another Tasty Dinner at Dok Bua

We went to Dok Bua in Brookline tonight once again, this time going for the slightly less exotic dishes. We ordered an appetizer of Thai pastry puffs with chicken. They were almost the perfect comfort food, with a flaky pastry and ground chicken and veggies inside. For our main entrees, we went with the basil fried rice (fresh and almost no grease, much like the kind at East Asia in Somerville) and the Singapore curry noodle with chicken (mild, but with tons of taste). I also had a chrysanthemum drink that was very sweet, but had a nice taste to it.

I think that Dok Bua is still my favorite Thai restaurant in the Boston area. The only others that come close are Khao Sarn and perhaps Brown Sugar.

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  1. Dok Bua rocks. I finally have a friend come visiting from HK and it will be the place that I plan to bring her to. Hope she will find Boston has something that is, if not better, at least very comparable to HK.

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    1. re: sheila

      Dok Bua's my favorite in the area, too. Although Montien makes a mean Yum Woon Sen, more authentic (at least, according to those who know) than I've had elsewhere.

    2. I think the curry rice plates at Rod Dee, ordered extra spicy, are my favorite dishes in all of Boston at any price range. But Dok Bua is excellent too, and has a killer line of desserts.

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        I keep forgetting about Rod Dee. Do any of their curry rice dishes come without coconut milk? For some reason, coconut milk makes me feel very strange after I have it. Not queasy, but I know that some other Thai places do have curry rice dishes with and without, so hopefully Rod Dee does, too?

        1. re: hiddenboston

          No, unfortunately, they are all very thick with coconut cream. (I know Dok Bua has the "country style" curries without coconut milk.)

          Most of the other dishes at Rod Dee aren't as noteworthy IMO. But other favorites: pad kee mao (drunken noodles), crystal pad thai (pad thai with cellophane noodles), green bean flour dessert (very unusual, very glutinous, recommended largely for the novelty), chicken satay, and whatever dishes of the day they have prepackaged on the counter (often remarkable). What I've found highly disappointing is their tom yum soup.